Jesus in the midst of destruction

I dreamt I was catching a flight from Nigeria (of all places!?) and the airplane hadn’t taken off properly and the back of it scraped along the top of a building ripping off the entire back of the plane! So we were all flying like that, and everyone in the plane was screaming and praying that we would land safely. After a while, the plane landed nicely in this field of green grass and we all jumped out and were so relieved that we all bowed down in the grass and were giving thanks to God for saving us.

Then Jesus appeared! And everyone just wanted to be around Him! He was in a white gown and sandals, of course. He had the sweetest kindest face. Gentle smiling eyes. I just adored how beautiful He looked. Kind kind kind radiated from His face.

Every time I looked at Him I had this huge lump in my throat and was about to cry because in the dream I was amazed that He saved me from such destruction! I couldn’t stop thinking “I can’t believe He saved me from that”. I don’t know why I was surprised that He did, maybe because the plane was so completely destroyed and it still had the nerve to be in the air; but it was more of a reverence, I was awe struck by Him.

Then He sat down in the grass with us, and He said “before we chat lets pray.” So He started praying and it was beautiful words, I just can’t remember what He said though. Then after the prayer, He was chatting to us, but so animatedly and down to earth and He even cracked a few jokes and we were laughing. But we all just wanted to sit right next to Him and be near Him, we couldn’t get enough. You know when children all want to sit next to that favourite person? That’s what we were like!

Then we heard a commotion behind us and I looked and something destructive (again!) happened. It looked like something had happened to the building of apartments behind us. All I saw were personal belongings and everything strewn everywhere. I then saw this one woman’s stuff nearest to me, like spilt milk, food and other items. And she looked sad and in shock and she said in this trance-like state “I don’t even know who I belong to.” And Jesus piped up “She belongs to Me!” And at that moment in my dream I looked at Him and thought to myself “Wow….!” I had a sense this woman was not saved, but He said that anyway. He was willing to look after her.

Then we all went to church the next morning and we all clambered to make sure we stood right next to Him. It was just so joyful, but unfortunately the dream ended there.
However, the next day I was filled with joy and “giddiness” from being blessed at  such a sweet dream.

I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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