God gave us homemade cough syrup!

God amazes me. Obviously in more ways than one, but how magnificent are you when you create plants that contain their own healing mechanisms?
I first got this cough mixture remedy from my old Manager, and when I saw it contained cloves I never thought anything of it other than expressing a dubious look. That was until I realised that cloves contain Eugenol, which makes it a natural anaesthetic and contains antibacterial properties that fight off bacteria and promote healing! God is amazing!

The whole family caught flu last week and I whipped up a batch of this stuff. I like to give it to Jordan because it’s safe, sweet and can even come as an ice lolly! Her favourite!
This syrup tastes great and you can actually feel the back of your throat go slightly numb after you swallow it! Excellent for sore throats!

You need:

  • one package of whole cloves
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup sugar

Boil all the ingredients in a pot for a few minutes until the liquid reduces to one cup (I realised that placing a wooden spoon over your pot while prevent it from boiling over really does work!)
Strain the cloves and store the mixture in a sterilized jar in the fridge.


To turn them into ice lollies to soothe sore throats, just place about a teaspoon of clove mixture into each ice cube holder and fill it with cooldrink or juice of choice. I used Creme Soda in this instance

?????????? ??????????

Just before they are completely set, but soft enough, pop lolly sticks into each ice cube and place them back into the freezer until fully set.


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