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One of the most exciting things I find about the Bible is that you can read one verse and carry on reading, and not even realize that you have just passed over an entire story and a world of meaning that completely hits the ball right out of the park! And all due to one little root of a Hebrew word.

I was so captivated by the post by Vine of Life that described how the deepest undersea vents have just been discovered!

To me it’s exciting because do you know these are found in Genesis 1?
Did you overlook it? I did! Look again…

the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.”
See it?

What I used to read was about a bare planet, that had nothing and was pretty dark and bleak.
“They are belching out dark water – “a stunning sight”, one scientist said.”

Face of the deep. Face? Deep? Okay, so there’s a lot of water and darkness is covering it.

‘Deep’ here has the Hebrew root word “tehom” and this word is telling us that there are subterranean chambers under the earth, in the sea!
What is the point of these chambers? If we look at Luke 10:18, we see that the fall of Satan with his angels to earth was so dramatic – could that have caused this chamber catastrophe?  A lot of biblical scholars believe that this was the time God created hell. They also believe that the waters mentioned in verse 2 were actually there to cool down the earth as each chamber of hell was being formed.
The article states, “The water being blasted from the newly-found vents was measured at 401C, making this set among the hottest on the planet.”

The Bible has five words that refer to hell: Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, Tartaroo (used only once) and Abyss that contain the fallen angels, demons and souls of the unsaved.
I was then lucky enough to come across a teaching by brilliant Perry Stone on these subterranean chambers and the pits of hell. He gave an amazing account of a former Pastor who went on a diving expedition in the Bahamas and Bermuda. He was working with researchers and other divers who were attempting to research the strange activity around the Bermuda Triangle. I quote the story of Pastor Garner:

“On the boat a man named Wingate and a close associate of Jacques Cousteau were leading the scuba expedition. During one dive the men found under the water what appeared to them to be the black basalt stones of an ancient temple, including a perfect marble column. During another dive, after twenty minutes the diver came up and told the others that he was not “going back down there.” When Pastor Garner asked him why, the fellow replied, “I could hear something groaning under the floor of the sea. It sounded like it was dragging chains.” Pastor Garner did tell the diver that there were fallen angels somewhere under the earth, and perhaps that is what he heard. They never returned to this area. It was noticed that at times a yellow smoke could be seen.”

Gross. If I heard that I would have hyperventilated and drowned.

Interestingly, I have over the past three years come across the strangest testimonies of ex-Satanists from Africa. Every single one of the testimonies I read all claimed that they practiced their occultism, and trained, under the sea! Now I know a load about Satanism and I was “What?” But they all claim it! I thought to myself, “No clean-cut Satanism here, trust Africa to go overboard!” Satanists who practice water breathing even have to spend loads of time gaining more demonic power in order to accomplish this. But they all say Satan and his demons reside in the deep parts of the sea. “Sangomas” which is basically the African word for witch here also “go down into the sea” to gain more demonic power. It is known as the Marine Kingdom, run by the demonic ‘Queen of the Coast’. The Kingdom is spiritual so they obviously astral project to get there. Um. Eew?

Kind of makes me think twice about wanting to catch a few waves in Cape Town next time!

3 thoughts on “Darkness on the face of the terrifying DEEP

  1. Tim Shey

    Very, very interesting.

    Years ago I was reading about this company that was drilling for oil (?) in Siberia when the Soviet Union was in power. It was the deepest drilling project on the planet at the time. The shaft was so deep that one day the drill bit began to spin wildly out of control. They took the drill bit out and lowered a listening device into the shaft. They could hear screams and groans of people—it sounded like they were being tortured. Sounds like they hit the edge of Hell.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Oh right! My brother showed me a clip on youtube about that. The quality of the sound clip is not great, not sure how authentic it is, but nonetheless sounded horrifying! Gave me goosies, yuckie

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