The night my husband was saved – a demonic attack!


When leading someone to salvation I always try to remember to tell them not to expect fireworks or angels coming down from Heaven to sing them a melody. Too often people complain that once they accept Christ they “never felt anything.” And they end up disappointed. It is so important to let them know that the insurmountable joy and peace you receive is far better than worldy joy, and it is based on faith, and our walk with Jesus will never be based on feelings.

So after waiting for this for 5 years, what do I get? I got the exact opposite of singing angels the night my husband gave his life to Christ. After a joyous experience, I got a houseful of angry and revengeful demons!

We had just bought a new bed and my husband’s back was taking a lot of strain getting used to it, and as a consequence, hardly getting any sleep. The night he was saved he said he was going to sleep in the spare bedroom to try catch up on some sleep. I had then offered my daughter Jordan, who was 3 at the time, a special treat to sleep with mommy that night, to which she excitedly agreed.

Out of nowhere, just after midnight, Jordan woke up with the most terrifying blood curdling scream I have ever heard come out of her mouth. I sat up with a shock trying to calm her down, thinking she was having a bad dream. I put on the light but her screams never stopped and she jumped into my arms and screamed, “Mommy, get them away from me!” I was so confused and told her she was having a dream and that I was there to help her, but the look on her face registered pure terror as she clung tightly round my neck and looked back in horror at something behind her.  At this point I could see this child was actually wide awake and not dreaming. She clung again and screamed, “Mommy! Mommy! Please! Get the monkey away from me!” And then I knew. My child was under attack. I furiously rebuked the demon bothering her and commanded that he leave the house at once in Jesus’ name.

At that point my husband came running into the room asking what was going on and when I told him he said that he just saw a demonic evil looking wolf growling at him and drooling. Being married to a wife who had told him about every bit of spiritual warfare for the previous 5 years, he knew to rebuke the demon he had seen in Jesus’ name; but Jordan’s screams were the perfect opportunity of getting him to sprint out of the room to where we were instead of being alone! It was great to see though – my newly saved husband being bold in Christ rebuking demons left right and centre!

Jordan then screamed again and backed up right against the bed’s headboard shouting, “Mommy get them away from me!” To see pure terror on your child’s face is not a party. I said, “Demons! I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ and I command you to leave Jordan and remove yourself from this house at once! She is covered by the blood of the Lamb and you have no right to her!” Things then calmed down and Jordan seemed okay, but asking her to go back to sleep was pretty much out of the question.

I offered that we go play in her bedroom and she agreed. She wanted to build a puzzle. Building puzzles at 1am is just awesome, especially when you have uninvited guests. We sat on the floor and she wanted to be close to me, so she came to sit on my lap. No sooner had she picked up the first puzzle piece when she jumped up in horror and backed away toward the door looking at me like I was an alien. I asked what was wrong and she pointed to me with a quivering blood drained lip and said, “Mommy, there’s an owl on your lap!” (!!) Do you know how difficult it is to remain calm with a demon on your lap and not freak out so that your child doesn’t freak out? Try not to scream, it will make the situation worse. Just be calm, you already have the victory in Christ, you only need to apply it. I calmly, and not loudly, rebuked the demon off my lap in the name of Jesus. I could see it fled because Jordan’s face relaxed and she came back to me.
I anointed her room and kicked any demons out again.
The struggle continued until about 4h30am and then only was she able to go to sleep.

Satan doesn’t hate anything more than salvation! I think he was particularly livid about my husband’s salvation because my husband was pretty worldly! But if he wants to release an army of demons on you to get you to change your mind, he will. Just be ready. Your salvation means you have already won because of Christ. Just take the devil by the horns  fight him off with the weapon Jesus has given you – His victory on the cross!


4 thoughts on “The night my husband was saved – a demonic attack!

  1. Wendy

    That’s amazing – Satan loves to prey on our kiddies, especially of saved parents; great that you got rid of them then and there!

  2. Bron

    When Jesus cast out demons, or healed a leg etc. He didnt ask God to do these things, He spoke to those things directly; God spoke to the leg “Rise up and walk!”, He spoke to the demons when rebuking them. As Christ lives in us, we have direct access to that power. We humans can exercise such power as God chooses to give us. It is important that we stand in faith and when we go into spiritual warfare, we know that Jesus has dominion over EVERYTHING! Well done on handling the situation so calmly Caddie!


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