Dedicating bits of myself to God – a Lamb cake

Lamb cake

With Easter upon us, I was reminded of the cake I made going through old photos of my church’s 1st birthday in 2011. It was a lovely celebration and I was so happy to have found a church I was in love with. One of our elders received a vision of our church of a beautiful waterfall flowing with jewels. I do feel my church is very special. We did not have to bring anything but I asked my Pastor if I could bake a cake . I wanted to honour the Lord for a wonderful church, and also for bringing me to it.

I had decided on a little Lamb made of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, with white chocolate curls to make up his fur. “Worthy is the Lamb” was decorated in fondant below him.
I’m no baking pro, but it was one of those little things I wanted to do for the Lord 🙂

What sort of little things do you like to do for the Lord, dear Readers?

I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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