Dream of my unsaved friend

I believe God gave me a tiny glimpse of a small inkling of the anguish He feels when a soul is lost, and how the unsaved feel when they fall into the pit and have eventually realised all hope is now definitely gone.

We grew up with family friends from a small age, my parents are still good friends with them. Us children lost contact with each other along the way though.
However, the eldest son who was my age was always a naughty boy and eventually dabbled in cocaine. He died of drug-induced heart failure in 2010. It was a shock to everyone. Somehow humans never believe it will happen to someone you know, just because you well, know them.
I was very sad for him because he had not come to know the Lord and the funeral was very upsetting.

One night after the funeral I dreamt of him. It was not a normal every day dream, but vivid and clear and felt very very real.

We were on a beach. I could see the ocean, and it had a lot of small dunes covered in vegetation and Marram grass. There were also a lot of trees. And he told me to follow him as he wanted to show me something. His back was always facing me though and I never got to see him face to face.

So I started following him and then he stopped and said, “No wait, it’s this way.” And we started going another way. We were in amongst the trees. And he stopped again and said, “No hold on, it’s this way!” I asked what he was looking for and he replied, “Just follow me, I will show you.” So I followed him again.
This confusion happened about 4 or 5 times and eventually he stopped dead in his tracks and started crying and said, “I’m so lost!” He put his face into his hands and crouched down onto his haunches in the sand and I felt the most awful weight of sorrow. I started crying and all I could do was crouch down next to him and hold him really tight around his shoulders. I felt such terrible pity. I was so incredibly sad for him.

Can you imagine how much more sorrow our Father feels when a soul is lost forever?

6 thoughts on “Dream of my unsaved friend

    1. kingintraining Post author

      I think by him being lost in the dream and not finding what he was looking for showed that he was a lost soul and never found Jesus, hence the sorrow 😦

      1. wordforlifesays

        I know, and my heart feels for you. It really opens our eyes to the lost state of this world – so sad 😦 But maybe another life will hear this story and be changed for the better. God can still work a miracle through this. Thank you for the honesty of sharing this story. It’s still so moving.

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