Bringing Life, Love and Light into your workplace

I have been given the best job, by God Almighty Himself. However, I never walked into a bed of roses. When I started, my Manager exclaimed, “We have 150 demotivated employees – do something about it!” Demotivated was an understatement! Wow! I have never seen such depressed, miserable individuals, all with a warped sense of entitlement in my life! I am head of HR over one of the Faculties in the University and it lacked luster. Basically a bag of dry bones. I knew not to judge too quickly, as no one really chooses to be demotivated – something always warrants that kind of behaviour.

Turns out, the last HR person they had was a nightmare. In their words. In a nutshell, she would not assist anyone with a simple query without making an appointment with her first. Their confidence was shredded as she would discuss their private affairs with anyone who felt like listening. This resulted in a staff compliment that grew to detest everything HR represented, so much so that not a single soul was willing to give me a chance, or time of day.
It was so bad, that they would refuse to greet me, but chose to look me up and down instead, not attend long service teas and pretend that I never sent the invite, give me blank dagger-like stares when asking a question, and the cherry on top is that a particular lady blatantly refuses to greet me, and when she notices I am waiting to catch the same elevator as her, she gives me a filthy look and proceeds to take the stairs!
When God knit me together in my mother’s womb, He knit me a super sensitive heart – so something like this usually makes me want to burst into tears and run away. However, God anointed me in this position. He has blessed my job because I placed all faith in Him to obtain it for me. Therefore, this behaviour has never bugged me one bit.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is Light, Love and Life. From day one of this job, I included Jesus in everything I did in the workplace. I have never implemented or ran a Recognition program in a company before so I had no idea where to start! I literally prayed that God run it for me and tell me exactly what to do.

The first place I started was to serve the employees with a humble heart. Jesus is a King and He served on earth. I have always found that remarkable. To be a great leader, you must serve, and serve with love. I pray every day that God grants me wisdom in my job and to serve the staff with love. Not one person has had to wait long for a query to be answered and they’re always welcomed with a smile. No matter how often I have been looked at as if I was a piece of dirt, I went out of my way to respond with kindness in my eyes and a warm heart.

God has flooded my mind with so many brilliant ideas to bring into the Faculty that I can slowly start seeing Life being brought back into the workplace! It is like a dried flower, starting to blossom again. This is all as I have depended on Him. What do I know?! Nothing! My Father grants me wisdom as I have leaned on Him for complete guidance in my job. I welcome Him to be the Light in dark work places, and evidence of this is when I recently presented training and one lady picked her hand up to ask a question and said to me, “What’s going to happen when you leave here one day? What are we going to do?” The evaluation I got at the end was very good and one participant said, “I am so glad that the Faculty has hired her, she is very good and capable of making us love and enjoy working  here and that will produce a good service to our clients!” I’m not showing you this to brag as I had nothing to do with it. I’m showing you to highlight how God takes a difficult situation and turns it for good to those who love Him and lean on Him. I would not be excelling like I am if I did this all in my own strength –this is all God’s doing!

Jesus is light! Allow Him to illuminate areas of your life today!

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