A flutter of excitement – a sweet edification

This is really one of the sweetest stories I have ever heard concerning the gift and I will never forget it. My sister’s friend is really blessed and I would love to be able to edify God’s people in this way. This story really highlights for me the very sweetness of God.

Liz was in corporate worship one Sunday morning, and she saw an open vision of the girl next to her. Firstly, it was clear that the Holy Spirit was moving on her, as she seemed to shimmer as when the light reflects on the water. That is one of the ways Liz knows that the Lord is highlighting someone to her!

She then saw wings appearing on her feet attached at the ankle. The wings were pure white almost reminding her of an angel’s wings. Powerful and strong.

She began to ask the Lord for the interpretation to the vision.She felt that He was saying the following: that the girl’s ministry was in dance and that when she danced strongholds would be broken, new ground would be taken and lives would be restored, she would be a messenger for the Lord and that through her dancing people would hear/see Him.

Liz admittedly feels that telling people about what you have seen is always rather daunting. But the Holy Spirit prompted her and the end result was that the girl was bowled over because she had been praying for direction for her life and asking God what direction she should take in terms of studies. And the word Liz had given her confirmed that she should peruse dance therapy as her specialisation in Psychology!

This story is so heartwarming for me. God could have whispered the answer into her heart but instead He chose such a sweet way to show her. Appealing to the creativity of a dancer, He chose a way so lovely and meaningful to her. How full of wonder is our Creator? Isn’t He lovely? Not only does He answer our prayers, but He goes out of His way to make the answer more meaningful to us. The Creator of Heaven and Earth meets with us in very special ways.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, who reigns forever on His throne, but cares so much to come down to us and make our moments special.

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