I love Oprah Winfrey

I’m sure many people would love to wring my neck right now. Oprah has not been very kind about our Jesus or Christians and has led so many astray with her own cult of a church. But I can’t help how my heart aches for her. This is how I see her.

Despite being brought up in a Baptist family she was brutally raped at the age of 9 and still suffered through sexual molestation until 14. Not only that, she went through horrible physical abuse as well. I remember an interview I watched with her and she said that she “had to believe in a power greater than herself” to get through it.
Being brought up in a Baptist family, you learn that there is a God and that He is good. Imagine going through such mental and physical horror as a frightened little girl, ultimately wondering where God was to help her. She never saw the help, did she? No one to pray for her, heal her wounds or rid of the demonic entities that now surrounded her.

Yet she went on to become a billionaire. That is what we call overcompensation for feelings of inferiority. She said on David Letterman, “I know what it feels like to not be wanted.” Only nine. Do you remember what it felt like being 9 years old? When you’re that small, you’re helpless and completely dependent on the adults who are supposed to be watching over you. Besides terror, can you imagine the feelings of inferiority and insecurity that developed in her at that time?

Oprah said in the interview that, “Anyone who has been verbally abused or physically abused will spend a great deal of their life rebuilding their esteem.”
When going through trauma like that, people sometimes strive to gain power to overcome those feelings of inferiority, and they tend to be very successful.

I am not her therapist but here’s my shot in the dark. Her Baptist upbringing resulted in the first book she read being the Bible and even learnt verses by heart from it and quoted them to her friends. She believed once upon a time. If Oprah has indeed overcompensated for what she has been through to become the successful person she is today, then to what extent has her absolute rejection of Jesus or the formation of her own church developed out of overcompensation too? She has said numerous times that “I don’t believe you can go through adversity without believing in a power greater than yourself.” So, growing up knowing there is a true God, who did not come to her rescue when abused, is it possible that Oprah’s blatant disregard for the living God is her way of telling herself that it is easier to believe that there are other gods out there than rather admit the one true God she believed in actually did not come to her rescue?
I believe this is her bondage and stronghold. That bondage and stronghold is appealing to thousands every day.
That is how I see her – the supposed evil woman who tries with all her might to lead the world astray has sprung out of an innocent, horribly abused little girl who has possibly developed thought patterns that help her deal with her disappointment in God by denying He actually exists. The day she turned from God was in church and she heard the pastor say that God is a jealous God, and that immediately put her off! What a lame excuse – it is almost as if she was subconsciously waiting for any little excuse to walk away. It is sad, so sad for that to happen to a child, to now not have an interest in salvation. It’s not fair.

Are we able to look at all lost souls this way? To hate the sin, not the sinner? To not look at what is seen by their behaviour and things they say, because it can rouse all sorts of anger and judgment in Christians. But to look at the unseen, that is their heart, of things that once were, to see what Jesus sees. And direct our prayers that way. To see the little girl that was so savagely tormented by the kingdom of darkness. To have the mind of Christ and love them no matter what scathing things come out of their mouths.

Can we?

6 thoughts on “I love Oprah Winfrey

  1. Peg

    Wow . . . Thanks. I needed that. I just got done praying for forgiveness for my hard heart. I pray so much that the “church” will have more of a heart for the lost, yet I have harbored a hard heart towards this woman for a long time. Thanks for opening my eyes to that. I prayed for her, as well, and will continue to. May the Spirit soften her heart to receive all He has for her. Blessings on your day.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Thanks Peg! Its so easy for our hearts to harden, mine seems to come very naturally unfortunately 😦 Can you imagine if Christians all around the world diligently prayed for her and she turned to Christ!

  2. Debbie

    Thank you so much for sharing about Oprah. I hadn’t heard her story before (yes, I live under a rock! ha!) and this helps so much to remember, with everyone .. .that we don’t always know the whole story but God does, and He asks us to love. God bless you!

  3. leonardrob

    Being fallen flesh, we are always going to point the finger at those who see differently than us. I thank GOD for the example of Jesus to show us the error and correctly say pray for those who would curse us and love them anyway. Thanks for pointing out this teaching.


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