Curses through travel: Brazil

I went with my family to Brazil in 1997. When we landed, it was so blistering hot we did not know what to do with ourselves. We had flown directly from New York which was life-threateningly cold, at least I thought so. We were dressed in winter clothing and I did not think to leave “summery” clothing on underneath. I ended up a melting sweat-ball.
Finally when we reached the hotel, we were greeted by friendly hosts who gave each guest a figa charm.

At the time my sister and I just laughed at it because it’s basically a hand showing the bird – the thumb between your forefinger and middle finger. What made us laugh was the memory of when we were small kids. The sign in Portuguese and Brazil means good luck, but at the same time in South Africa (not sure about other countries?) it is an insulting sign used to tell someone off in very bad language, if you get my drift. Same as showing the middle finger. So, the temptation as small kids was too much – we would approach our dad, who is Portuguese, and show him the sign while laughing saying, “Dad, we’re wishing you good luck!” Then run away laughing hysterically, knowing we couldn’t really get a hiding for “wishing him luck” from his own culture. The expression his face not knowing whether we should get punished or not made it even funnier and increased the mischief!
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Sleeping that first night in Brazil was almost impossible. I could feel the presence of spirits and I saw a figure pass across the wall. Hiding under my blanket was making the heat worse! It was from then that I realised the importance of anointing and cleansing hotel rooms you stay in. You don’t know who slept there previously or ‘what’ they brought into the room.

I did not know the history of the figa at the time, all I knew was that it was supposed to bring good luck. But what I did know was that any figurines or charms that are supposed to bring luck are cursed, because they are embedded with spirits, usually through incantations or occultic prayers, in order to bring about this “luck”. I stupidly never got rid of it but I immediately did when I looked up its origin.

The hotel was giving them out as gifts probably because it is believed that the luck will only ‘activate’ if it is given as a gift. The hand gesture is supposed to represent a woman’s genitals and this is probably because it was believed to increase fertility, an ultimate worship to the fertility goddess. As the years went on, it was used as an amulet as protection against evil. Evil defending itself against evil. Right.

Is this something we need to be wearing or placed in our homes? Definitely not.
I have even seen Christians thinking that by wearing a cross it will ward off all evil. No. The Cross is a symbol. Only Jesus wards off evil.

Any item, souvenir or object you receive as a gift I highly encourage you to do a bit of research into it – Jesus and history are our best friends in these scenarios.

Should you find that the object could be a cursed object and exalting itself against the knowledge of God, break the curse over it and get rid of it! Even if you break the curse it does not mean it should still hang around. That object was intentionally “blessed” for the services of Satan, where the culprits realised it or not and will continue to reap destruction in your life.

12 thoughts on “Curses through travel: Brazil

  1. bernicium

    I have a question.. when i was little, my grandma used to use these herbs and kind of sweep them over me and pray for me, to cure me of fear of Chucky and of sleeping in the dark. She’s Catholic, But not very active, So I can’t help but wonder if the practice of using a plant is some weird Mexican Indian tradition.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. kingintraining Post author

      I would break that in the name of Jesus. Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18) and Jesus is love.
      The use of plants to “cure” anything is rooted in pagan and occult practices. They believe that there are healing powers (which are actually spirits when used in this way) in plants that bring about cures and ward off evil. Only Jesus brings healing. At the end of the day, the plant is acting as a charm, and it opens a door for Satan in your life.
      But not to panic, just confess that the practice over you was sin and then say “I command any demons that came into my life from that practice to leave me at once in the name of Jesus Christ!” Nice and simple, and they will go 🙂
      Hmm…my gran is Catholic…I should ask my dad if she ever did that to me!

  2. Sheryl Wright Stinchcum

    Thank you. I never thought about hotel rooms and what people may have bought in with them. Your post brought to mind something that happened to me years ago. My husband and I were staying with relatives and sleeping in a room with a wall-hanging that made me very uneasy. It was something our relatives had bought in Mexico or Central America. It appeared to be the image of an Aztec or Mayan god. I had a horrible, vivid, supernatural dream that night and “felt” an “evil presence.”

      1. Sheryl Wright Stinchcum

        Yes! The dream was so real, and the presence of evil robed in black “touched” me in the dream, and I felt the “evil.” I have never found words to express what evil feels like. It was other-worldly. There are no words on earth to describe it. Anyway, thank you for writing that article. A lot of people don’t realize that the demonic realm is real.

  3. Robert S Shope MA

    I am currently writing my testimony down for some of my family members the reasons I came to Jesus. They are all atheist/agnostic science minded. So was I until the God of Israel intervened in my life. Something supernatural happened to me in Brasil in 1970 that stimulated me to look beyond the material realm for answers to the meaning of life and the solution to family problems I was having.

    . I decided dropping acid would be a good idea. So aBrazilian/British friend of mine Peter, “guided” me suggesting to keep from losing track of this reality I carry with me something to represent my normal “here and now” life. So I selected a figa. Talk about “evil protecting from evil.”

    I came upon your article this morning because as I was meditating on what i was about to write soon I remembered that I had selected a figa to protect me and started wondering what the history of the figa actually was. So my goole search led me to your interesting and funny article..

    My testimony is already partly written. I wrote tree 20 page letters to my “born again atheist” father (that is what he called himself). I don’t know if he respond to my challenges to approach God more seriously or not. But I do know that he wrote the third letter just hours before he died on an operating table. I was writing the 4th letter during the time he was being operated on. I have never finished it. That was in July of 2011. Last week I wrote several of my relatives tosee if any were interested to receive those three letters and get installments as I write what I predict will be another six that will explain how I came to believe in Jesus the Bible and the God of Israel as the only true God to be worshiped. Only two have responded, my older brother Richard who is a PhD science educator and my sister Cindy who is a very successful computer consultant to major corporations.

    If you would like I would be glad to send you what I have already written and what I write as I write it. I have found it difficult to press against invisible obstacles that seem to be thwarting my efforts by obstructing me with emergent things to do first or draining me of mental energy as I try to get to it or distracting me with family duties like attending to my wife’s agenda and so forth.

    Also it is difficult writing into a void of skepticism and what I suspect is actually a polite tolerance by them to have agreed to receive the letters. It would be nice to have cheering onlookers who might celebrate with me the awesome signs and wonders God has done to bring an atheist from an atheist family to Jesus.

    So I would appreciate prayers as I endeavor to get this task finished. Now that might prove more powerful than a figa, “Noa e?”

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Ahh, sim! 😀 What a great testimony – you’re a light in your family. I look forward to watching your progress! Do you have a blog that you will be posting these letters to?


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