A sweet and thoughtful birthday gift from a very kind King

I adore animals. I just simply adore them. When I look at them, their beautiful paws (I have this thing about paws!), their colours and patterns and their personalities, I just plainly see the creativity and absolute love of our Creator. Think of a fluffy little kitten – can you just picture God’s personality when He decided to give them precious pink noses, tiny fluffy paws, fat little tummies and heart melting purrs? The Creator of the Universe, whose thumb is bigger than this planet, created cute! That always gets me!

One of my favourite places in the country is Marloth Park, a holiday destination in the bush, neighbor of the Kruger National Park. Here, wildlife come right up to your door – I had warthog roaming our kitchen before! But the zebra is what wins it for me; it is always the highlight of my stay, a very special treat. Even though wild, they come right up to you and allow you to pat and stroke them, they are just beautiful. This year I was so excited to go as it was over my birthday, so I made apple and oat treats for the zebras. We stayed for almost a week and my birthday was our second last day there. My prayer was simple – “Lord, please let the zebra come visit me, please!”

We are used to their visiting us on a daily basis, but I started to get worried when by the third day my only visitors were kudus, other buck, warthog (who loved tummy rubs) and a baboon trying to break in!

warthog feed1 ??????????

On my birthday we had all gone out for a game drive and were preparing to leave the next day. I was so sad, resorting to the fact that I would not play with any zebra this time round.
We got back from the game drive at about 4pm, and as we pulled toward our driveway there was an entire herd of zebra waiting at our door! I was so excited, I jumped out of the car and ran toward them. What makes this so special is that I could see they had been waiting for a while, because the baby zebra was already lying down in the shade relaxing. They do not wait around, if they see no one is there they move onto the next camp. I was in absolute bliss, even when they started to push me up against the wall for more oat treats!

DSCN0986 ?????????? ?????????? ??????????
God kept them there waiting for me, I just know it. Because He cares even about your small things!
Struggling to thread cotton through a needle? He cares! He’s watching you.
Deciding what to make for dinner? He cares!
Battling to find the next puzzle piece? He cares!

He may hold the universe in His hands, but He sees the small things you care about and He cares about them too!


15 thoughts on “A sweet and thoughtful birthday gift from a very kind King

  1. Dreams Of Dunamis

    WOW! Sounds like a wonderful place to go!
    And isn’t it so like our God, for Him to give you not one zebra to pet, but a whole herd!
    When God blesses us, He does it with the cup running over….

    P.S., Happy Birthday!

  2. Sharon Natsarim

    AWESOME! What an amazing place you live in! So much for these great hunters trying to make us believe warthog are viscious…well maybe if you refuse to rub his tummy!…lol. Its so great that they allow such close contact with the animals and no one hurts them:) Praise Jesus for that, because here in the states I do not believe that could ever be done for the safety of the animals, sadly.

    Your post made me cry today when I got to the end because just yesterday this very premise was proven, AGAIN, to me. For about two weeks my toilet has been running water, off and on. Its like the water level is not staying stable inside the tank for some reason. Well, I can’t afford a plumber right now as my car just blew up and I don’t even know what I am going to do about that!

    So I was just waking up yesterday when I heard Yahshua/Jesus telling me HOW to fix the toilet and I said to Him “Its THAT easy?” He said “its THAT easy….why didn’t you ask ME?” With that I was WIDE awake! YIKES! Why didn’t I ask Him??? To be honest I never even considered asking Him…THE CREATOR of ALL the universes…how to fix my toilet…lol. But I did what He told me and of course it worked!!! Prise you Yahshua!!!!!

    Your post today was like His confirmation to me again, because Last night I asked Him about my car and I am fasting today for that:) But when I read my email today there was a prophecy from some people I subscribe to who usually hit the nail on the head. Today’s prophecy was about running to Him with worldly things that we need or want rather than needing and wanting Him ONLY. Right subject but not the message He meant for me today anyways:) But yours surely was!!!

    Blessings in abundance to you sis…OH…and I LOVE your sandals:)

    1. kingintraining Post author

      No warthog can be vicious! The mom was with them and her tusks were as long as half the length of my leg. She kept a close eye on them and if she feels threatened at all she won’t hesitate to attack. But they are quite used to people by now it seems. At the same time we grow up being taught to respect nature’s territory. My loves 🙂

      That is amazing, now I’m glad I posted it- how funny is this..I never planned on writing this post AT ALL! I was in the process of writing something else completely when the memory of this came to me and I was ‘compelled’ to write it. I thought to myself ‘no one wants to read about your insatiable psychosis over animals!’ But I kept writing, even though this happened back in January already!
      So I guess this was His gift to you today 🙂
      Be blessed, I will pray for your car issue too!

      1. Sharon Natsarim

        Yes that is part, a BIG part of the problem here with th youth of today. They do not grow up in nature any longer…their little worlds are full of technology and tv. You rarely see children plying outside like I used to as a kid. That is when you explore nature (at least I did) and fall in love with it! His creations are astounding and like you said…His thumb is bigger than the whole planet and yet He created butterflies, caterpillars, the tiniest of tinies! Cute, regal, breathtaking, amazing…these words could go on into infinity describing JUST His creations. Him? There is no way to describe ALL that He is…He can only be experienced and loved!

        Wow! That gorgeous sunny, warm weather was January??? Now I want to move to South Africa….lol.

        Thank you Jesus for this beautiful gift and thank you for A King In Training too:) Bless you sweetie and thank you for the prayers!

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