Proclaim the Name!

The one thing I don’t get is healing. I just don’t. And to be honest it has left me very frustrated. However, I have never had a problem in praying for healing over my animals – it always comes speedily. Why is that? Because they are sinless? Not sure. Yet I struggle so often praying for healing for my toddler who suffers from allergies and respiratory infections. All. The. Time. And the way someone gets healed does not necessarily work the same for the next person.

At the end of June I was booked off for a week for what my Doctor suspected was either swine flu or one of two of the bad flu strains going around. So I was put on swine flu meds in case. The symptoms were awful and I have never experienced such intense body pain before.

Yesterday at 4am I woke up feeling nauseous with stomach cramps. It came out of nowhere. I had not eaten anything strange. I had a major strategy meeting yesterday so I initially put it down to nerves, which was not the case. I could no way miss this meeting. So I did everything I thought of – I commanded any spirits of infirmity to leave me, I came against the sickness in Jesus name, I cast it out my body, but it got progressively worse. The body chills started which led to body pain. I kept running to the bathroom wanting to throw up. I prayed throughout the day for my healing because I did not want to take more time off work! By the time I got home, all I could do was lie in bed and literally cry like a baby from the pain. I could not get up because my dizziness was so severe I kept falling all over the place.

As I lay in bed in tears, it got to the point of me now begging God for healing. “Please Lord, I don’t even know what to pray anymore!”
Suddenly and as clear as day the words “JESUS IS LORD” flashed in my mind. I just went with it. As loudly as I could muster, halfway into my pillow, I declared, “Jesus is Lord… Jesus is Lord…sickness-Jesus is Lord, so get away from me.”

Within twenty minutes I was as right as rain! The dizziness and fever went away and so did the body pain! I was able to eat something for the first time that day. And I had sweet sleep (Proverbs 3:24). It was as if I could feel the illness dissolve.

“That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” Romans 10:9
Christ is in the promise! Declaring that Jesus is Lord is a proper manifestation of faith. Proclaiming Christ’s name was an early profession of faith, still is, and is an end time reality. Proclaiming His name over my illness is what drove it away.

“ Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Phil 2:9-10

The highly exalted name given is ‘Lord’ and echoes Christ’s divinity. The Blue Letter Bible describes Lord as:
-he to whom a person or thing belongs, about which he has power of deciding; master, lord
-the possessor and disposer of a thing

I belong to the Lord and He disposed my immediate healing. No fancy prayer was needed, which I was doing all day long. Just a proclamation of His name!

Thank You, Lord, that I belong to You and that You have power over my life and everything else. 

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

19 thoughts on “Proclaim the Name!

  1. Naphtali

    I hear you. It has been 15 years since I started menopause (age 42) which at that point had no idea what I was in for. Desperately needing a hysterectomy by age 45 insurance would not cover it. Altho I was literally bleeding to death, anemic, sick from all of that, single mother, working we could not convince the insurance company to pay for it. My body for some strange reason doesn’t store Estrogen. Against everything I had to go on it plus got Osteoporosis from the lack of estrogen. I literally wanted to die. Finally when I was 48-49 doc put me on meds to stop the bleeding once and for all; that took another year. Down to 90 pounds and catching every virus, infection or cold that went by, it was God’s grace I lived through it. But that was the start of my researching his healing. Now it is severe and chronic allergies/sinus infections and due to taking so many antibiotics now miserable side effects. I have done what you did. I can quote more healing scriptures than God himself. My question to him is always, “why do I get it in other areas but this one! ” In all cases throughout this God has used some method to heal me. Not that I liked it, but it worked. I am still here. That is a miracle in itself. So; as bad as antibiotics side effects are they have saved my life over and over. I am just impatient!!!!!

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Goodness, that must be hard on you! LOL, yes I also say “why do I get it in other areas but this one!” I remember one day in complete frustration saying, “No Lord, sorry I dont get it, I just dont get it. You’re ot a liarm but this is not working!” haha. It’s just awful though seeing your child get sick all the time! Grr! And whats with the allergy epidemic lately? *sigh*

      1. Naphtali

        I am highly allergic to dust. Also cold air and wind. strange I know. I was on shots for 3 years about 10 years ago. When we moved here in 2007 of course insurance covers none of that. It would be nice if someone would just get rid of all the dust. For 17 years we lived in the mountains of NC: very cold. Now I am in hot SC and love it! But…the dust here is awful. I have had chronic sinus infections. I take 3 allergy meds 24/7 and hate it but at least I don’t get as sick. Anyway, sickness of any kind is an attack of the enemy and I see his stupid little pattern with me and it “irks” me because I do what God says to do but I can’t stand the thought of him getting his way. God has to have an alternative motive here. I just don’t know what that is yet.

      2. kingintraining Post author

        hahah “his stupid little pattern with me” – I said that too. I’ve also wondered if this is my “thorn in the flesh” to keep me on my knees. Will I ever know…

      3. Naphtali

        while it makes me wonder too, I have witnessed my mother walk in divine health for 45 years after she was so sick for almost 20. I know it is possible and maybe that makes me want it more!

  2. Larry Who

    We all struggle with healing. Sometimes, I pray for my wife or myself and we’re instantly healed. Other times, it takes longer. Sometimes, it’s a demon and other times it’s an infection caused by germs. I’ve prayed for people on their death beds and they’ve been miraculously healed. Yet, I’ve also seen them die.

    Through all of this, I’m still convinced Jesus heals.

  3. Larry Who

    I heard this many years ago and it’s stuck with me:

    “Pray for everyone with faith and boldness, eventually Hell will give up and heaven will give into anointing you for healing masses of people.”

    So, I don’t keep a scorecard or think, I just boldly pray, waiting for my day.

  4. Tim Shey

    Maybe Satan attacked you with illness because you are coming into some great spiritual victory. Satan likes preemptive attacks.

    Back in 1985 I was taking lithium and an anti-psychotic because I had been diagnosed as manic-depressive. I knew that it was really a spiritual problem more than a chemical problem. In October I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, you are going to heal me of manic-depression or else I am going to blow by brains out!”

    Three days later I read about this Catholic priest in Nebraska who was trying to start a monastery. I visited him in November—I was living in Iowa at the time, so it wasn’t that far away. In January of 1986, that priest anointed my head with oil and I could feel something like electricity go through my head. In a few days, I knew that I was being healed. Over the next two months, I gradually got off of my medication and I haven’t looked back. Praise the Lord!

    I really didn’t know much about healing back in 1985. I knew that Jesus healed people when He walked the earth. Jesus still heals people today.

  5. Sharon Natsarim

    I have found this to be true with myself and I have heard others say it as well…when something won’t go away via binding, casting out and fasting you maybe dealing with a generational curse. Especially if others in your bloodline have suffered the same types of ailments.

    These curses can go back literally hundreds of years and if no one has ever repented, broken the curse in Jesus name and asked for forgiveness and healing of the family bloodline it remains and continues to be passed down. It is also not enough, I have found to just break “generational curses” under that blanket term. You need to break them individually, like Freemasonry, occult practices and so forth. It is also best to take each one individually also to pray them all together weakens the effect upon each one.

    I know this sounds strange but trust me it is true. Glynda Lomax has an amazing teaching on generational curses on BlogTalk Radio here: which maybe helpful. Like she says…if you don’t have the curse nothing will happen by you breaking it but if you do have it and don’t break it…not good. So they should all be gone through. He literally sets the captives free!!! Hope this helps your little one:) God bless sister.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      I’m not sure, I went through all possible generational curses with a fine toothed comb when I was younger. The Holy Spirit has not brought anything further to mind. But your awesome post on pharmakeia really got my attention…! I didn’t even know about it!

  6. optimisticgladness

    This is great. I love to hear your journey from being confused to victorious. I have been there too. As a teenager, laying in the bed, very sick and crying out His name, and within a moment-all the sickness dissipated. I know exactly what you are talking about! Thank you for this excellent post.

  7. bread

    thorn in the flesh to keep me on my knee’s, keep me learning, build core faith/a working faith…rung a bell. I don’t get much sick but have an daily injury pain for 20 some years and have learned some (would like to say much but some day’s I dunno if I’ve learned anything!) and it was occurring to me years ago that the condition keeps me tuned to the Lord and was good and made me realize how dependent I was for even to get up and move around etc..opposite the thoughts of self sufficiency or taking for granted the basics of life let alone the other things of life.

    so daily the pain, daily the prayer, daily the pain goes away within minutes. This may happen twice a day, once a day now, sometimes 3-4 times a day but it always goes away.. amazing even now. I know that I know that He hears and cares and will take care and help. Also lately with it and other things I bring up that it’s also an encumbrance to fellowships with Him and this too helps as we’re to put away sin and encumbrances but some encumbrances aren’t always the things we brought and we need much helps with them. Learn patience, not to mumble grumble which can be a hard one for some of us lol, lots of good lessons.

    I notice that when someone asks for prayer for healings their more likely to receive healing, rather then when someone doesn’t ask but another prays for them anyway. I also notice how many do not ask for prayer, especially those of ones own family. Lack of faith maybe and also a member of ones own family is ignored quite often, many verses show these scenario’s..
    Also notice one will ask, and they expect you to go home and pray/add to the prayer list, and are ..scared, embarrassed? if you pray right then when asked and it happens to be in public (as they often seem to look around to see if any bystander is staring or if in public their voice gets real quiet so that even standing next to them you can’t hear them), and could be a sign they have some beholdings/subjection to the worlds opinions of things? dunno..when I’m like that I consider the reasons why and often find I’ve tied some landing rope to the world and what they’d think so will cut that rope right away and retie to the Lord Jesus. Holding what the world thinks above doing as led stymies doing the work we’re led to do by the Spirit daily and also what we might receive daily in helps from others the Lord may wish to use and most healing prayer was done when asked whether in public or not, a prayer for the prayer closet is more a private and fellowship with the Lord and other..just seems the opposite of today were many expect you to go home and pray later in secret and by seeing peoples reactions to on the spot as led prayer, it’s as if we’ve let the world shame them into the closet for all moments/instances of prayer.

    lack of faith sometimes? not desperate enough? if had faith and at the end of the means of the flesh strength they’d shirk off the world and not be in subjection to it, dig a hole in the roof and let down their buddy to the Lord, push the worlds crowds aside and touch His garment, run right out in the crowd and yell Lord Jesus help me…or at least not be in subjection to the worlds opinions of things which those in the world do not understand.

    well got off topic maybe, sorry. probably not for any here but maybe an infrequent reader..can make use of something within it ..? hope so.
    lol, all that summed up a bit like Larry Who said..pray boldly as led.., also-give to those who ask..I take that to mean when they ask too..not later on at home..and with me I’ll probably forget!!

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Very excellent points on praying for others and what we think of the world! I think our opinions can be a huge stumbling block to that healing, very good point! I have also noticed how healing comes when others pray for you. Thanks so much for your input, you have left me with a lot to consider and remember 🙂

      1. bread

        I remember the first time someone (fairly a “stranger”, but also a brother in Christ-just not family/already friend) asked me to pray for their healing..I was like..I what do I do..(thoughts! lol) what do I say, what do I know…but just did it, and some simple short prayer but with faith, just the basics with faith. and some minutes later he came around again with a funny look on his face, said he didn’t need to go home anymore as he was better. But when he first asked I was set to go home and pray, like expected and we often do, and he was too as we both turned and went off back to work, but driving away I heard, give to those who ask, and that meant now, why go home and do it later ..thats when the thoughts of..who me..what do I say, started lol. like the nike ad, just do it, as led of the Spirit. lots of things are like that, not knowing what to say/do always but do as led anyway and the Lord will unfold it.

        stuck my foot in my mouth a few times, or at least I thought that’s what would happen, not knowing what to say but very prompted to go and do, in fact told the Lord once, ok I’ll go a stick my foot in my mouth as I have no idea what to say, and went..but it didn’t turn out that way at all, asking what seemed a dumb question in this day and age and right here in america and talking to guys who may as well be hells angels bikers-have you ever heard the gospel of Jesus Christ-the guy said-no..then I was like..huh? no?..what do I say now! lolol. awesome well the Lord unfolds the things, opens the doors.

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