Curses through travel: France

I have never been to France but my husband had to go for business soon after we were married. I encouraged him to have a good time, but discouraged him from going into the pyramid that stands in front of the Louvre. The Louvre is one of the world’s largest museums, and a central landmark of Paris, France. There has been major controversy that the pyramid is cursed, arguing that it is built out of 666 panes of glass. As usual, the secular world has denied those claims, arguing that it is just superstition etc.

However, there are some points to consider and with prayer, the Holy Spirit can help us come to a decision.

The offices of I. M. Pei issued the original brochure of the design which highlighted, twice, the structure being comprised of 666 panes of glass. After the controversy spilled out, they then claimed that the pyramid actually contains 689 panes of glass.
But why was the original brochure stating 666 panes? You don’t just get that number out of thin air. I’m not one for interpreting numbers, but an extremely interesting take on these numbers surrounding this structure can be found here.

Also, what on earth is a pyramid, which is a Masonic capstone, doing sitting in front of what I think to be a rather classy building?


What do the two even have to do with one another? In my opinion the pyramid ruins the look of the Louvre. It is out of place and downright ugly, if you ask me. The pyramid serves as the main entrance to the Louvre, and I have seen numerous times on travel sites and blogs that people complain that the staff do not alert you to other entrances; but instead keep people waiting in a 1 ½ hour queue into the pyramid. Why?

Seeing as pyramids are masonic, Christians should not be treading near them as they undoubtedly carry some sort of spirit or curse. I think there is something quite fishy about the place and I don’t trust the intentions. If they truly wanted to use 666 panes of glass, there would be only one reason – to ensure spirits inhabit the place and that everyone who passes through is cursed. Not only do curses bring destruction on your life, but they prevent people from either growing in the Lord, or coming to the truth of the gospel.
If you have entered the place, pray about it and if the Holy Spirit directs you, break the curse and rather be safe than sorry.
We Christians can’t take any chances nowadays! It’s just not worth it.

7 thoughts on “Curses through travel: France

  1. Chrystal

    Glad the pyramid wasn’t there when I visited the Louvre a “hundred” years ago. Interesting about the 666 panes. And no matter what, you’re right. It IS ugly & doesn’t fit there. I’m just now reading your posts about curses….this is not something I’ve ever thought about before.

  2. bernicium

    I had heard that the glass pyramid was cursed! But I still really want to walk through it and see it, because even some of the most evil people have produced marvelous things that reflect their identity as being made by our marvelous and creative Creator ^-^

    But what about how God has not given us a spirit of fear? I have a ton of friends who are Christian who have walked through Buddhist temples and pray and ask God for Him to protect them.. I am pretty sure that my sister’s house has several evil spirits in it, But i don’t let them keep me from visiting my nieces..

    Just my two cents, because I don’t think I’ve ever been in any place that’s been cursed.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Hi, you’re right-all talent comes from God. It doesn’t mean that if a satanist builds a skyscraper that it is cursed. He has to physically place a curse into a building. Every curse has a purpose- destruction; physically, financially, spiritually etc. Because a pyramid is masonic in origin it doesn’t mean all triangles in the world are cursed or evil. For anything to be cursed, the person/people have to put one in it, very much like the Freemasons did in my statue of liberty post.

      And you’re correct again- God has not given us a spirit of fear; but this does not mean we are allowed to tread on unholy ground without His specific permission or instruction to do so. You never mentioned why your friends entered the temples but any structure or temple cannot be “prayed against” because as long as it is still standing, every demon has the legal right to remain there; all throughout Scripture God commanded these sorts of temples to be utterly and completely destroyed. I’m going to do a post on this type of thing shortly.

      You don’t have to worry about your sister 🙂 Nothing will happen to you when you visit- its not as if she has intentionally or literally placed demons or spirits into her house to afflict people; there’s demons roaming everywhere we go, so we can’t be hermits haha. We just have to be vigilant about certain places that have intentionally been placed there for our destruction. So you’re right, don’t let it stop you from visiting your precious nieces 🙂 xx

    2. Dreams Of Dunamis

      Hi Bernicium,
      Our family has run into land or places that are indeed cursed. And the demons that inhabit such places are foul and plentiful. Yet there have been times when the Lord told us to still pass through the area, (usually to get to somewhere else,) and He has usually sent His angels to protect us from the demons. Saying scripture under one’s breath, claiming in the name of Jesus that no demon will touch you, and asking the Lord for His protective angels to cover you has allowed us to do this. Of course, there have also been times, when the Lord told us to stay out of certain buildings or areas, due to their extreme demonic infestation. (The Forbidden City in China, for example.) Bottom line? One must always follow the Holy Spirit in all things…

  3. Naphtali

    Well, now I don’t like it there either. It does look out of place. Just for you info I am learning dream interpretation through John Paul Jackson or trying to. It is really kind of fun. According to his interpretation of the numbers 666 it means “full lawlessness.” Any reference to that there?

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Ah yes I read the other day on your comments page his interpretation of dreaming about cats! I wouldn’t be surprised, if there is a curse in the pyramid, that it would bring about ‘full lawlessness’ to anyone who passes through it? Gay marriage has just been passed there after all…hmmm…


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