My own storm on a boat

You know when you’re young, you just want to do things for the Lord and help save the whole world? But sometimes, you lack the wisdom to know when to just shut it? Well, yes that’s happened to me.
When I was 17 I was invited by my best friend at the time to go to stay at her friend’s place for a weekend at the Vaal Dam. It is about an hour’s drive out of the city and people bring their yachts and boats to take out onto the dam; it is just a fun relaxing place to go for a weekend getaway. Kind of Cape-Coddy.

boats boats1

We went during low season, so there were hardly any visitors and it was nice and quiet. The friend of hers whose place we stayed at is a new-ager and has three spirit guides. We all did the same sport in high school together, so this is how I knew her. We are not friends, but due to our mutual friend, our paths crossed once in a blue moon.

So little me decided to do my “Christian duty” and talk to her about God and “educate” her on spirit guides, how they are not there to help her because they are demons and there for her ultimate destruction.

“Shut up”, she said.

I proceeded to carry on with my ‘lecture’, not waiting on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, mind you.

“You had better shut up, I am warning you,” she stated after a few more lectures. There was a new look in her eyes. A warning, like she knew something I did not. I decided to give up the fight and carried on reading my book, lapping up the sun’s rays.

That night, my best friend and I decided that we wanted to be cool and sleep in the boat. It was not on the water yet, it was on land, but it was still cool. Right?

After chatting we decided to go to sleep.

Scratch. Scratch…I heard above my head.


“Stop that, I’m trying to sleep!” I said to my friend
“It’s not me! I thought it was you!”


All of a sudden the scratching got louder and bigger. It started at the tops of our heads on the outside of the boat and proceeded to move downwards. It sounded like claws. The time it took for the scratching to move from the top of the boat to the bottom and back up again was a split second! It moved with such force that the entire boat was rocking forcibly from side to side that we were holding onto things to keep from getting banged up! I knew then that I was being attacked by her spirit guides. We were in such fear that all my friend managed to do was keep the door closed with her feet – like that’s gonna help! Laugh. I started rebuking them in the name of Jesus and commanding them to leave us alone. After approximately twenty seconds, it all stopped. My friend immediately jumped up and stuck her head out of the top to see if anyone was there. But it was silent, not a breath or sight around. I may have heard crickets.
If it was someone playing a prank we would have seen straight away, as it was in a huge expanse of ground with nowhere to run and hide. The force that moved the boat would have taken about ten strong men anyway. And the scratching was beyond human ability.

I don’t tell this for the sake of telling a freaky story.
I took this as a lesson. We are to preach the gospel, but first listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and voice is very important; especially when it involves people who play around with the occult, because then we are up against something much bigger than unbelief. The war gets stronger. Their demons’ functions are to ensure that they always remain in their trap of deception and never hear the truth. I brought the truth, and they retaliated. But when we tread where God does not necessarily tell us to, or wait on Him to tell us how, we may go on that journey alone and unarmed.

4 thoughts on “My own storm on a boat

  1. Sharon Natsarim

    Here is another thought as well:) When Jesus preached He only preached to those who were willing and came to HIM to hear Him! He did not force Himself or His teachings on anyone…He always waited to be asked…like a gentleman as you said:) Because IF the Father had not called them that was the end of that at least until the Father did or does. Just my thoughts sister…Yah bless!


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