The Supernatural Alarm Clock

I had recently written about how God cares about the little things as well in our lives. This one I will never forget – something very small but a very present help when I needed it! (Psalm 46:1)

I competed in a South African sport my whole school career and I was made leader in 11th grade. The South African National Championships were upon us, which was being held in another province, a 13 hour trip from where I live, in Johannesburg.

We were warned by our trainers that we had to be at our high school no later than 4am the next morning to leave promptly with the bus or there would be severe discipline and the bus would leave without us. 
I slept over at my best friend’s house, who did the sport with me, the night before as she lived within walking distance to the school.
As we went to bed, we realised her alarm clock no longer worked! Her parents never had one either. This was before the days of cell phones too – so no luck there. We had to wake up at 3am to get ready and not a minute later. As leader, I could not set a bad example!

We were worried at how we would wake up at 3am, during our deepest sleep. She hoped for the best and I decided to apply faith and pray that the Lord would wake us up at 3am so that we would not miss our bus. I fell into a deep sleep.

A while later, a firm and loud voice said, “Caddie! Wake up!” I opened my eyes and looked at the time. It was 3am! On the dot! Not a minute before, not a minute after. To be honest I was actually surprised and whispered, ‘no wayyyy…’. Such a sweet mercy – and a very accurate one at that!

Isn’t faith great! I am definitely not always perfect at applying it, but we serve a King who is faithful and true! Not to mention so very kind.

In what small and unexpected ways will you apply your faith today?

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