Kingdom Baking!


I enjoy baking. Not that I am an incredible success at it. I have shed many a tear in the kitchen from my flops! Yet I am a sucker for punishment and I carry on baking up a storm.

Unlike Jesus, baking is not very forgiving! If you do not follow the recipe as it is laid out, you will end up with a flop. And extra salt from the tears. Jesus has His own recipe for giving, and He uses as much flour as He can squeeze into that cup.

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

This is how baking reminds me of Luke 6:38

These are the rules to measuring flour (men bear with me):

  1. You have to scoop the flour into the measuring cup until it overflows. You then have to use the back side of a knife to level off the flour.
    BUT when we give, our rewards are not leveled off. What we receive will be good measure and running over! And I’m not talking about monetary rewards – but joy and blessedness in Christ!
  2. Do not tap or shake the measuring cup, as this causes the flour to settle in the cup and become more dense. 
    BUT Jesus says our reward will be so good that it will be ‘shaken together’ – He wants to fit so much in that a little shaking is necessary to make some space… for more!
  3. Do not press the flour down to add in more – extra flour will make your baked products heavy and tough. 
    BUT Jesus says what we are about to receive will be pressed down – pressing flour down in a cup compacts it and you make way for more!

That’s my little experiment in my kitchen:


Jesus wants us to cheerfully open our hearts to give to others. As we give, God is so gracious and He rewards us far better than we could ever reward ourselves! Serving others means we are serving Jesus and we are left with an abundance of deliciously rich, chocolately, sprinkle-covered kingdom cake!

16 thoughts on “Kingdom Baking!

  1. journeyofjoy

    You are so right! I’ll share what happend to me this week in light of all you wrote. Someone I love dearly was VERY pressed for cash and needed it immediately. The amount she needed was actually ALL I had in my account–meaning more than I could spare until payday. Anyway, I trusted God on it because the person’s also w/out work right now so I cleaned my account and gave them all that was in it. The new week started and I wondered how I was going to meet some important obligations (including my 2 daughters’ birthday party) coming up this weekend. I did not worry though. I had told the LORD, I was giving this to Him. I knew if I’d help, He would meet my need.

    Anway, as I was about to leave work yesterday, I printed off something that triggered a thought about money (I had COMPLETELY forgotten about) I had set aside money from my paycheck since Jan but totally forgot about it (this is Aug)! You can imagine the convo the LORD and I had on my way out of the building– God had me all along! He truly does honor our giving. He takes care of his own suplling all our needs (pressing down, shaking and even running over)!! This illustration was SO appropriate!! I am SO glad I read it.


    1. kingintraining Post author

      That is fantastic Marlene! Wow! Haha- “He had me all along” – He does that quite a lot doesn’t He! 😀
      It’s just so great that He saw ahead what was going to happen, knew your heart and made sure you forgot about that money so it was ready and waiting for you when you needed it! Wonderful!!

  2. Toni Sprandel

    Oh my goodness! I loved this post!!! I love to bake and my specialty is chocolate chip cookies. Actually, all I can do is bake, can’t cook a lick!! When I read about using a knife to level off the flour, that is exactly what I do!! LOL! And you are right on about our giving and the LORD immeasurably rewards for us. I am so overjoyed that when we give, He gives more to us! Awesome post!

  3. Skye

    I am forever in the kitchen cooking and baking! I loved this post. It is perfect and so well thought out!! What a blessing you are!!


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