Be encouraged, Champion!

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Clarke’s commentary says that the word champion comes from the Hebrew word, “a middle man, the man between two.”
In his battle with David, Goliath stood between two armies and fought as a representative of his army.

Jesus is our the chief, perfect mediator and our ultimate Champion.
In addition, being God’s representatives on earth (2 Cor 5:20), we are fighting as representatives of His army – we stand with Christ as joint heirs, fighting for the army of light against the army of darkness!

Be encouraged and fight the good fight – today, you are His champion!

16 thoughts on “Be encouraged, Champion!

      1. Each Day With Him

        Nice to have a “king in training” in our midst! We’ll do our best to swap visits…


  1. Deborah

    Great post and what great pictures you find!
    PS. I put my blog nomination under ‘Blog Awards’ and realised afterwards I’d accidentally deleted your comment and my reply. I hope you got my reply. If you wanted to say any more, you could put it under About Me.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Oh yes, and I do live in South Africa. White River is 4 hours from me, but its great to go there for long weekends. And Cape Town is my favourite! I do love my country, its just the crime levels that spoil everything – its why so many South Africans have emigrated to either the UK or Oz *sigh*
      I was “smash and grabbed” just after I moved back from the States. I wasnt hurt, he only took my cell phone and he never had a weapon, but it just broke me. It was a black guy, and every time after that when I saw a black man I started getting a panic attack. It took a lot of prayer! Thank goodness its a decade behind me

  2. hope4theheart

    Did you take this photo? Oh how it touched my heart. “Every knee”. I’ve never seen it in this way. It’s hard to put into words but my heart lept as I gazed on the photo and read “take courage champion”. I am facing something today where I need the courage to feel it all – the good and the painful. When I have been in this place before, my Heavenly Father has told me “feel it all, I am with You, it won’t destroy you”. I can hear His AMEN in your post today of “Take courage champion”. Bless You!

    1. kingintraining Post author

      No I unfortunately didn’t take the photo. But i’m so glad the post read to you. So often I think to myself “ugh why are you posting this?!” thinking what I find nice others wont – but it always turns out to be a blessing to others! I’m so glad God has blessed you 🙂

      1. hope4theheart

        I’ve felt that way quite a bit myself. Ironically that is when I seem to get the most responses. That has taught me that doubt and reproach I am feeling are the enemy’s attempt to silence me. Eph 1:4 is my “litmus test”. We are blameless, above reproach and before God in love”. It tells me God is not the author of that reproach and to press on!

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