Hold ’em horses! Wait on the Lord!

This was the very first time I truly learned the importance of waiting on the Lord.

When I fell pregnant in 2007, we were in the process of moving provinces – thirteen hours away from home. It was one of the dumbest moves we have ever made! It was not thought out well and most importantly I did not seek the Lord’s will for this! Dumb!
The move messed up our finances and placed us into a heap of trouble. Everyday we faced a new financial burden.

When we sold our house, we had trouble from the municipality concerning the monies owed to us on the municipal rates. I prayed hard for that money because we needed it. Little did I know, but God said no. For months we battled to get the money back and no one could provide us with an explanation. It was just ‘stuck’. I prayed. God still said no.

Ten months went by, and my husband’s car engine decided that it was tired of doing its job and another engine had to take over!
This was NOT the time for that at all! We just did not have the money and were worried about what to do. I prayed for answers and for help.
My husband found a second hand engine, with only 2000 kilometers  on the clock that we could buy for R1200.00. That did not help me because we just did not have the money. I continued to pray.

The following day we received a cheque in the mail for R1200.00 from the municipality! The exact amount we needed for the other engine!

Isn’t God GREAT! He knew way ahead of time that someday in the future we would need R1200.00 for another engine, so by His kind mercy, held back the money from the municipality to be released when He said so!
When we think He is not answering, He actually is! He just knows better than we do and is working behind the scenes to work all things together for good to those who love Him.
He cares for us deeply and never ignores our pleas – we just don’t see things as He does. Thank goodness for that! It means I can rest in assurance that He takes care of me!

12 thoughts on “Hold ’em horses! Wait on the Lord!

  1. Tim Shey

    The Lord that we serve is the God of perfect timing. When we are younger in the Lord, we don’t know of His perfect timing, but as we die to self over the years and grow deeper in Christ, we begin to see that His timing is everything. When I was a young Christian, I ran into a lot of brick walls because there was still some besetting sin in my life. As time went on, certain sins died out in my life and I was delivered of many demons—and I began to hear from God much better.

    I made some money this past week working for a stonemason in Montana; he was a Christian and we had excellent fellowship. So I had some money in my pocket. I hitchhiked to Gooding, Idaho and stayed in a motel for the night. The next day I tried to hitchhike to Shoshone, but the Lord was not in it. So the Lord told me to stay for three nights here at the motel. Maybe the Lord is delaying me because He wants me to meet someone tomorrow when I hit the road. The Lord’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.


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