Book Review: The spirit of Python Unveiled by Paula Cross

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I was approached by Christian author Paula Cross to read and review her book “The spirit of Python unveiled”

I have been attacked by this spirit before – and just when I thought I knew everything about it, out comes Paula’s book!  This book is excellent in explaining how intricately weaved this spirit actually is in the lives of some Christians. Paula describes in detail how this spirit works on so many levels that I highly doubt any Christian who reads this will still walk away with the question “what on earth is happening to me?”

What I liked about the book, is that you come to such a great understanding of the workings of the spirit because Paula gives detailed accounts of her own life and patterns of thinking while under attack by this spirit, that many will identify with. But she also provides a wonderful balance to the book of God’s grace and the importance of a relationship with Him – which ultimately will provide you with wisdom to defeat this spirit!
Paula’s explanation of law verses grace is excellent, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Each chapter also includes a short workbook so that you can tell if you have grasped all that she has explained!

It is highly recommended and her book can be found on Amazon
I interviewed Paula and will be posting that soon! Stay tuned! 😀

13 thoughts on “Book Review: The spirit of Python Unveiled by Paula Cross

  1. Sharon Natsarim

    I just went to Amazon and checked this out. I think I will be getting this book when I get my check as I can relate to a lot of this especially in years past. I have a question though…I don’t know if you can answer it but you may want to pose it to Paula at some point if it was not addressed in the book. Remembering that Satan imitates everything Christ did…she states (paraphrasing): The spirit of antichrist=trying to be Christ and the false prophet=trying to be the Holy Spirit. She says these two are behind the infiltration of evil into all aspects of life. So my question is this: Everyone is looking for the antichrist to walk into a rebuilt temple and declare himself as god causing the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy place…rather than a temple…could WE be that Holy place? Because I have kind of been leaning in this direction for some time now. I am wondering if the abomination of desolation is when the antichrist and false prophet manage to inhabit almost all of mankind and cause evil and chaos to the point which we have never seen before? Considering the bride will be gone and so the indwelling Holy Spirit also will be absent in any number (perhaps a few left will be there to lead people to truth)…the hand of God will be lifted to basically allow Satan his time to rule over all the chaos for a short time.
    Just a thought sister…thanks for writing about this book. God bless:)

  2. Paula Cross

    Hello to my sister, Sharon,

    Thank you for your question – it shows you have that “overview” perspective I desperately urge readers to acquire in my book. Yes, I do believe the point at which the antichrist literally walks into the rebuilt temple to declare himself god is a tangible manifest representation that he has successfully infiltrated the world. We are seeing “in the last days what is good will be evil and what is evil will be good”. In fact, this immense infiltration of mankind and all of its systems is the precursor which enables the person of the antichrist to presume godship. However, in as much as the antichrist and the counter of the Holy Spirit have infiltrated the body of Christ, the temple, I don’t believe true believers are going to be remain under the spell of evil for long. The Living God is moving in with vengeance to deliver His children. We, the bride, have been impotent because of the influx of idolatry and deceptions we bought into – and this is why the dark kingdom has taken over and infiltrated virtually every facet of life on earth. But the true bride is ready to abandon her idolatry, repent, and be filled with power in order to be used as last days harvesters. God will see to it. Hallelujah!

    1. Sharon Natsarim

      Amen and halleluYah, praise God!!! Thank you for such an in depth answer:) I was not expecting to be addressed by the author herself, but I am grateful for your time.

      Yes, I was not actually referring to the bride or true believers being taken over in mass but rather the unbelievers who have chosen the dark side and will refuse to repent. I believe there will be a LOT of them sadly. But I can also see what you are saying as already happened to many of us…definitely it has happened to me in the past! But as you say our faithful and true God will see to it that we are ALL rescued from the grips of darkness!!!

      I can’t wait to read this book I do believe I am going to be able to relate to this completely! I have a feeling this will be what I call soul food!…lol. After you have been well rooted in Jesus for awhile it does become harder and harder to something that actually feeds you! Thank you again dear sister and our other dear sister Kit as well for writing about this wonderful book. So many people shy away from the subject of deliverance but right now this is SO NEEDED! God bless you both!

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  4. melwild

    Sounds like a much needed book! I will definitely be getting it. I remember first hearing about this spirit several years ago and discerning its influence in our church and region. And when I preached on it, I could literally feel its suffocating attack! It was a war in the spirit that Sunday. I never felt such heaviness and oppression. We did prevail with worship afterward. But your question #4 is vitally important. What I know now that I didn’t know then was that these demonic powers only have authority in our lives that we give them. That has changed my whole strategy. Thanks for letting us know about this book. I will be looking forward to reading it. Blessings.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      That is so interesting! Its suffocating power is terrible isn’t it? But its prime symptom so now we’re onto it! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, I trust the book will bless you 🙂

    2. Paula Cross

      Melwild, One of the people emailing me concerning his battle is a man who is blind but sees the demons (gift of discernment). Every time he gets online to email me or reads my book, it wraps itself around his upper body; he also feels its texture. At one point he stopped corresponding with me and he went outside and the demon stopped – until he got back on the computer to talk to me. Of course, we prayed and I can’t go into the details as to the grounds the demons have, but he is on his way to freedom! Just wanted to affirm your story that the empire attacks when being effectively exposed – so you must have been doing something right!

      But to others…. DO NOT FEAR. Though the demons act up, for the Lord your GOD is with you; do not be dismayed, for He is YOUR God. He will strengthen you and help you; He will uphold you with His righteous right hand! Isaiah 41:10. And the Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He takes great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love and rejoice over you with singing – Zephaniah 3:17.

      I’d don’t suggest starting your journey into freedom by coming against the spirit of python first, however. Start with loving God and asking Him to become the MORE in you. Then wait for the Holy Spirit’s lead as to when to take authority. Because if we are still unknowingly in agreement with the liars when we rebuke them, they can make a mockery of us and increase the attack. The key is to hide in Jesus. Just hide in Jesus. Then He’ll show you the way! And since you are hiding in Jesus, there is NO need to fear!

      Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your support of my book, Melwild!

      `Paula Cross

  5. Paula Cross

    Also, Friends…

    If you are considering purchasing the book, let me give you a heads up. The price will be going down hopefully by the end of next week (October 4, 2013). Amazon has it for $15.16 now but it should be down to between $11 and $12 when it kicks in. Perhaps even less – we’ll see what they decide. Just keep watching for it. And may I ask if you do purchase it, will you please offer a review of the book after you read it? Would so greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks a million and God bless,
    Paula Cross

    1. Theresa jackson

      Dear Ms. Cross, I don’t know what to say. Holy Spirit heard my prayers. I love the Lord, however I have been in the clutches of Python all of my life. I am 59! I have been seeking the Lord about the disappointment in my life. I have to be honest as I told God that if things are not going to be better that I would want Him to take me home. I could write all night, however I believe you have a good idea about the life I have had with this Demon snake. If it wasn’t for Jesus saving me as a little girl and my hope and faith , I would have been killed or taken my own life! God bless you everything your hand touches. Theresa


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