Author Spotlight: Paula Cross interview

I was blessed to interview Paula concerning her bookThe spirit of Python Unveiled
If any of you are interested in purchasing her informative book, here is a chance to get to know her, and the book, a little better!

1. What’s different about this book than others on in the bookstores?
Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s book on the spirit of python is the only one I am aware of at this time. Although both of our books disclose the same reality that python is out to steal our breath and that he does this through luring us into sin, THE SPIRIT OF PYTHON UNVEILED reveals why many are not just attacked, but dominated. This title also contains a profound revelation that has yet to be comprehended by the bride. And this book is written out of first-hand experience as one who was dominated but now free from the oppressing rule of python.

2. Did you receive any further revelations from God that you never knew before while writing the book?
I must confess… I thought I was strictly writing a book about how the Holy Spirit walked me out of python’s grip but what happened in the process astounded me. After I completed the book for the first time in February 2011 and was eager to have it published, the Lord told me ‘no’. He said it wasn’t finished and to put it down until He told me what else to do. It wasn’t until a year later when things began falling into my understanding that added to and supported the heart of the book. God was actually walking me through situations and teaching me even more and that’s when He told me to pick the book back up. He told me to remove a few chapters and save that information for another book and He replaced them with material that I had no idea was in me. Because it wasn’t in me until He poured it out. And that’s how the book was written – by the leading, revelation, instruction and teaching of the Holy Ghost.

After the book was written, it was time to publish and do you know God used that experience to give me all the more understanding! Of course, this is not disclosed in the book because it was finished, but He showed me how python was at work even though he had no authority or grounds. I was running into major walls and hassles trying to get the book published. Finally, one day when I was to the point of tears because it seemed all was lost and impossible, the Lord spoke to me saying, “Take authority over your book”. I said, “But why, Lord, I KNOW You are with me! I feel Your presence all over me, all over this book! You are right here! Python can’t touch it!” I thought the hassles were just typical issues. But God said, “Yes, I am with you and your angels have been fighting tooth and nail for days against the demons assigned to stop this book. Give your angels assistance and take authority over it, commanding the enemy to take his hands off your property which is unto Me!” I immediately took authority in the Name of Jesus and told them to take their hands off my book because it was God’s business and they had no legal grounds to interfere. Instantly, the hassle I had been having for days was GONE! The thing of it is ~ there is so much to learn. That’s why I’m confident there will have to be a part II to this title!

What would you say to Christians who believe it is impossible to be attacked by any spirit, such as python?
If somebody didn’t believe it was possible to be attacked by the spirit of python, they might not understand the reality of the spirit realm. Scripture says you must have the Holy Spirit in you to understand the things of the Spirit. What I would do is pray that God delivers them from evil, that Father God would enable them to see the truth of Christ, and that God would save them and open their eyes. Then, if Holy Spirit specifically told me to say something, I would. But only He knows what that might be at this point.

4. As described in your book, Python attempts to attack again and again. What advice, and scriptures, do you find particularly helpful in combating further attack?
The fact is python has zero power UNLESS we give it to him. Our problem is we do not realize that we are granting him power over us, we don’t understand how we are granting him power over us, nor do we understand why he easily acquires this power over us. And the only way out is to truly know God intimately, to know His love, and to own His truths. Such as Colossians 1:13 which says we have been rescued from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. Once this is real to us, once we own it and wear it because of how one we are with the Majestic One, we are free. Period.

5. Now that your life is free from the bondage of python, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Now that I know who I am in Christ and am filled with the exhilaration that freedom brings… now that the chains that bound me most of my life are gone, all I want to do is expose the spirit of python! We can all be free! The infiltration has been so thick. The layers are so numerous! Python has accomplished much over the course of time and my brothers and sisters are trapped in a cloud of darkness that is completely escapable through truth. So I will spend the rest of my days on this earth revealing this truth as best as I can!

6. As an author, what’s your greatest hope for Unveiling the Python?
My greatest hope for The Spirit Of Python Unveiled is that it causes tremendous damage to the spirit of python’s empire – so much so that waves of believers across the planet will realize who they are in Christ, will rise up, and will lead others into certain freedom as well. And that freedom would spread like wildfire. If my book plays even a fraction of a role in such a glorious event, I would be blessed for eternity and count all the hell I went through as worth it to the max!

7. Can we hope to see any further books from you?
You can certainly hope to see further books from me. God is speaking to me about what’s coming and says He will show me precisely what to write next. I’m thinking it will be part II to this title… but we’ll see what the Holy Spirit says. He is so awesome!

In the meantime, He has me working on one of my websites ( which is going to be powerful hands on help to those in the midst of their battle with python. It will provide ample support teachings (audio or video) and guidance as well as prayers.

Thank you Paula for your astounding input into the kingdom! May God be glorified!

5 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Paula Cross interview

  1. Sharon Natsarim

    What a wonderful, Spirit filled sister in Christ Paula is! Besides wanting to read this book it will be a pleasure to support her in her mission:) I’m heading over to her website now.
    Its so true that His people perish for lack of knowledge. So few understand and know the authority that Christ has given us over every demon, principality and power of darkness that there is. Instead they pray for deliverance…we must COMMAND them and declare deliverance in Jesus name and by His Blood! We must become warriors, we must anoint our doors, windows and property and pronounce it out loud that ALL we have and ALL who are on your property are dedicated to Jesus Christ! We must put up perimeters just as if we were in a war we could SEE with our eyes and we must KNOW that we are safe in Him. Because if God is for us who can be against us???

    I sadly and seriously believe that very soon we will be seeing more and more demonic possessions and zombie like happenings taking place as the lost who will not accept Jesus are overtaken and taken over by the dark side. If we are not prepared to literally stand our ground without fear…in complete faith, we will lose the battle. If enough battles are lost, eventually you will lose the war. This is very serious stuff coming to us in the days ahead.

    Praise God you had the courage and faith to fight for your book and get this much needed book published. Also, thank you for the confirmation about the angels needing our assistance…I have been suspecting that for some time now:) God bless you both!

  2. Paula Cross

    Thank you, everyone, for your encouragement! I can’t express how appreciated it is!

    Forgive my site when you visited it before – it was a bit discombobulated but in more order now.

    I agree, Sharon… We have got to get serious in our positions as children of God. I, too, believe the dark kingdom has so infiltrated the world that it’s finally coming to the level where they can manifest more physically through unsuspecting people. We must, must, must hide in the Shadow of our Lord God Almighty by walking His ways.

    Blessings to all – especially Caddie – for this fantastic resource center of a blog that you’ve got going here!

    ~Paula Cross


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