Richter Scale 9 Obedience

Have you ever had God told you to do something that you thought was strange? I will never forget a story I was told of a woman who was riding the bus and God told her to go into a specific store, go to the back and stand on her head. After doubting having heard from God and quite unwilling to do something so weird, she eventually did it. As soon as she stood on her head a shop assistant burst into tears and told her that he was suicidal. He told God he was going to kill himself that day unless God proved He existed by making someone stand on their head!

The story of Jericho is fascinating to me and when I was younger had always wondered why He chose the method of marching around the walls to bring them down. In my young mind if I found some of His ways odd or unexplainable, I now see them as beautiful; ways that spring out of magnificent thoughts that are way above our own.

The Israelites were told to march around the city 13 times – once, for 6 days and then seven times on the seventh day. Isn’t it interesting that six represents man and how we are incomplete without God? We will never be able to do anything in our own strength. They would never have won that war without Him.
Seven is the number of spiritual perfection and completion – only God could have brought them through to completion. This perfect win would not have been possible if they had not obeyed!
Thirteen represents apostasy, depravity and rebellion –does it not paint a wonderful picture of thousands of obedient feet stomping down and breaking up that rebellion under our Seismologist’s watchful eye?

Thankfully the Israelites obeyed and carried out God’s commands exactly – little did they know that the site of the ancient city of Jericho sits directly on top of a very large fault associated with the Jordan Rift Valley!

Our obedience has the ability to be earth shattering!

18 thoughts on “Richter Scale 9 Obedience

  1. Naphtali

    now that is quite a story! And I know what you mean about the walls of Jericho. Did you watch the Bible Miniseries? No wonder people have a hard time believing the Bible!

      1. Naphtali

        The Bible Miniseries was wonderful. I was glued to the TV every Sunday night. For the most part it was true to the Bible, but in making such a series they had to make adjustments, but I could sense the Lord was involved with every moment. I highly recommend it.

      2. kingintraining Post author

        Oh, lol! I thought when u said “No wonder people have a hard time believing the Bible!” it was a negative series. Ok that’s nice, I will keep a lookout for it! 🙂

  2. Baal Shem Ra

    There is more to the story of Jericho than that – God first commanded Joshua to take no prisoners, no man, woman nor animal. Joshua spent his entire life waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing in Canaan. He killed 31 different kings, all the heads of independent ethnic city-states, before it was over. Six or seven of them he impaled on poles. Jericho was just one of the first and the one we most remember due to the story.

    You asked about being unwilling to “do something so weird.” Imagine if someone alive today said, “God commanded me to go to Canaan and kill everybody – man, woman and child.” We’d call them a terrorist and, most likely, insane. Why is Joshua any different?

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Hmmm not ethnic cleansing but God commanded them to destroy all that was in sin and debauchery as a result of living against His Word and commands. Its not a race thing, its a sin thing.

    2. Sharon Natsarim

      Hmmm interesting name you have there, baal a false god and ra the sun god also false.

      There was a perfectly good reason for what God was telling him to do. He was killing off the the hybrids of the Nephilim and all their handiwork of genetic mutations they created in the animals. A lot of people seem to think that because these were ancient times they could not possibly know what we do now. When in fact they had forbidden knowledge brought to them directly from the fallen angels who were busy creating genetic mutations to mess with God’s creation, just as they are doing now. So, yes, it was a cleansing of the evil that should have NEVER been created to begin with.

  3. nsween

    Best current example I know of – of God leading us to do something strange – is when He leads His people to pray or speak in tongues. So many people decide that is neither for them nor for anyone any more.

  4. Maureen Wambaire

    I never knew about the fault lines! But alas! even the ‘dumbest’ deeds we are pushed to do by God have a perfect reason behind it, just that we do not know. I think I am now more willing to look and feel ridiculous 😀 keep em coming!


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