The smallest church in the world – South Africa

I’m back from a stunning holiday! God showed us a great time! And He just had to show off his marvelous creation, like only He knows how! 😉


I just wanted to show you the smallest church in the world, which is on the way back from the South Coast toward home, in a little place called Van Reenen. It is a National Monument, and was built by a father for his son who died at the age of 28 trying to rescue 8 miners in a mining accident in March 1925.
The minute little church only seats 8 people 🙂 and has a regular service once a month!
Llandaff Mathews’ dad later became a priest and dedicated his life to the service of the Lord.

smallest church1

smallest church

smallest church2

14 thoughts on “The smallest church in the world – South Africa

  1. Sharon Natsarim

    Welcome back sister…you were missed:) So beautiful! Is this a Catholic church then? I assume it is from the priest and the pics on the church walls. Its so cool though, so small and quaint! God bless sister:)

  2. Glynn Lucas

    I must visit this wonderful little church in south Africa. I have been down that road to Durban from Johannesburg many times but I didn’t know that little church existed.Its a must next time Iam Iam in SA.


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