Those dainty little hands

My daughter turned five in July and as a mom, I’m always wondering if I’m “training her properly in the way she should go” (Proverbs 22:6). Am I doing enough teaching her about Jesus? Am I doing too much?

A few nights ago while on vacation, the news came on. It showed a clip of an underground dogfight that was leaked, as dogfighting has only now started catching on in my country. They had blurred out the dogs’ faces but it was clear what was happening and you could see all the blood. It was horrific, my heart is too soft to take in something like that; but what was worst for me is that you could hear the dog owner’s voice urging his dog on. I immediately discerned a spirit of lust. It was disgusting and putrid. I couldn’t help myself but burst into tears and quickly changed the channel so Jordan couldn’t see what was on.

I battled to stop crying for a few seconds, but the next thing that happened amazed me. She went to sit on the other couch, closed her eyes, put her little hands together and started praying! It was the sweetest and innocent, yet grown up moment, I have seen with her! Only once she had finished praying did she come put her arm around me and comfort me. I like to think that in that moment she knew to talk to Jesus first. Jesus first, mom next – the perfect order.

Okay, so maybe i’m not doing too badly, right? I don’t take the credit though – I thank the Lord that He helps me raise her in His ways, I would utterly fail if I did not have His Word to lean on.

Thank You Jesus for helping me to blossom that pretty little flower which You have entrusted me with!

26 thoughts on “Those dainty little hands

  1. Lori

    My oldest is 15 and my twins are 11 (soon to be 12). Teaching and training is not easy. Each one is so different. Someone once said that children will have the faith their parents have. It sounds like your little one sees (not only hears) you praying for others. Keep up the good work:)

  2. Deborah

    Your daughter sounds so sweet. My granddaughter is the same age, and she is very responsive to spiritual things. She has a little golden book about prayer which is her favourite, and when her mum took her into a toy store yesterday, she chose a pink Cross necklace. It’s lovely to hear about your daughter.

  3. journeyofjoy

    What a tender and beautiful post Caddie. Jordan (5yrs) going to the other couch to pray moved my heart beyond what I can explain! It is what God wants…

    Malachi 2:15 Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his. And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth. (NLT)

  4. msinop1

    I often question myself on that same topic, am I doing too much, will they rebel? God shows us through those moments how we are doing. God Bless you and most importanatly God Love Jordan ❤


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