First Aid


I would love to thank everyone who have prayed for me concerning my last post. I was so down regarding this situation, that even praying and reading the Word was difficult, and I could not find any release. But the day after posting about it, I woke up feeling much lighter and the dark cloud around my head had finally lifted! I could sense your prayers had washed it away.

It reminds me of a situation Dutch Sheets related about his friend, whose son had contracted a critical illness; and the Lord had informed him that it was being caused by a spirit of infirmity. He had spent hours praying for his son but to no avail. Only after asking intercessors to pray with him, the fever broke immediately and he could go home a few hours afterward.
When pondering about this breakthrough, the Lord reminded him of the story when the Israelites had to come to the Gibeonites rescue (Joshua 9 & 10) due to the covenant they had with them. The Lord then said to him,

“Sometimes the covenant of the Lord is released to you through others coming to your aid!”

Thank you so much for your thoughtful prayers, encouragement, reblogs and tweets! The Almighty administered the blessing of the covenant to me, through you.

23 thoughts on “First Aid

      1. Michelle

        so glad you feeling better, i have also experienced that with depression and spirit of heaviness when my christian friends have prayed for me over bbm and it definitely lifts and helps when others uphold you in prayer.

  1. Sharon Natsarim

    Praise Jesus, halleluYah sister! I am so happy to hear you are better and safe:) Are things in your country any better…or around where you live? I am still praying for your safety and that these minions of hell turn their violence upon each other and leave the innocent alone. God bless you sis.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      No unfortunately the situation has not improved. He’s up for sentencing for corruption etc and we are kinda hoping he goes off to jail. Yes- THIS is the country I live in! Have you ever heard of such rot! Thank you my friend, will always love the prayers!

      1. Sharon Natsarim

        Sister, its not just your country so know you are not alone in feeling ashamed of your nation! I live in AmeriKa (K is intentional) and we are FAST becoming a dictator run nation with us as a slave race. The whole world is in upheaval right now and its sadly going to get much worse, as you well know. All creation groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God! That means ALL creation is waiting for US to realize who we are and take control back! This can only happen when our Blessed King of kings returns to us and makes us His eternal Bride! HalleluYah I cannot wait…right now I too, groan, right along with you sister. God bless you and protect you all always!

  2. leftnfree

    He is faithful and even in the hard spot He has held you up!!! To God be the glory!!!! He loves His children and He is our Victor, our protector, our provider, and our everything. I praise God that the black cloud has lifted. 😀

  3. Skye

    You are still in my prayers as is your country. I had such a hard time reading your last post. I did not even know how to pray….just a cry to him that I could barely understand. I will continue to pray for His protection and mercy for you. Much love sent to you. I am always here if you need an ear. I am blessed that you are feeling lighter. Big hugs.

  4. jsnapp62

    I know many prayed for your distress and God heard the prayers. There are valleys God has us walk through sometimes for our benefit in the long run, but there are times that Satan tries to make us fear in this life. The word says perfect love casts out all fear. Satan cannot stand when God’s people gang up on his demons in prayer. Satan has no power except that which we allow him or that which God allows him to have to strengthen our stand in Christ. God bless you and yours.

  5. bring bread

    So glad to hear this wonderful news! And I love the Scripture reference! A wonderful reminder for us all… we need each other. Many blessings, C


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