The Adventures of Fly Exterminations

40 day election fast

Hello! I have not dropped off from the face of the earth! I have missed you! But I have been so busy – it’s almost like at the turn of 2014 God said “Ready? Set? Go!”

In my last post I had discussed about what calling God had possibly been stirring in your heart to do for Him in His Kingdom. I hadn’t mentioned mine yet.
For three years He has laid on my heart to start a national day of fasting and prayer. But you know the old tale, “Me? Nah. I’m imagining things. I’m a nobody and to do something of a national magnitude? Pfft! Move on!”  But the burning desire got greater and I have started it. And now it’s like He has pulled me by the hand and said, “Come. Lets’ do this!”

He has so many plans and is already moving in a great way. He has led me to pull South African Christians together for 40 days of fasting for the country before our elections in May. He has already sent me warriors to join in – each person fasts for a day in that 40 day run. Why 40? It comes back to old Beelzebub. The Pharisees in Matthew 12 were accusing Jesus of being Beelzebub whose demonic name literally means “lord of the flies”. To ensure that an infestation of flies is properly exterminated, you have to spray pesticides for 40 consecutive days. If you don’t spray for the full forty days, you only destroy the existing generation, but the next generation breeds on! So, if we enter into 40 days of fasting and prayer for the country before the elections, we are going to break the bondages over our lives here, as well as for our next generation!

And He’s already working – that South African version of Haman I told you about is already facing charges of fraud which is highly minimising his chances of running politically! Praise God!
I have also just been featured on a South African Christian website here.

So things are moving fast. Please keep me in your prayers that I always follow His direction and don’t go off on my own tangent. Waiting to hear about all your 2014 God-driven adventures!

18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fly Exterminations

  1. daughter of the Most High

    Dear KIT, I was watching a news article about South Africa recently and was shocked to see after so many years since apartheid ceased the black South Africans still live in townships, in poverty, are employed as servants to whites, and that there is among them 70% youth unemployment. Why weren’t these shantytowns bulldozed years ago and decent houses and towns built for these people? Faith without works is dead. No wonder the black people there are so resentful of whites. I have an idea. Why don’t you swap places with a black family for a week or so? Or does apartheid still exist really?

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Um, how did you get a suggestion for an argument from this post? Did you read anything here? You realise we have a black government now right? One that does not serve God? They openly practice witchcraft and serve their dead ancestors. So no faith = no works! That too is our argument – no one should be living in those horrid shantytowns! Yes apartheid sucked, it happened. But do you know what our government does? Instead of trying to help, they give tenders to their friends to build these people houses, and the money is pocketed and no one gets any houses. This happens all the time and they keep getting away with it. Try find an article on that. Please also try find an article on how “the servants” to white people actually are “servants” to black and other races too, and only for the rich – just like Mexicans are used as “servants” to rich America. And those “slaves” are regulated by the Department of Labour and are entitled to all benefits as any permanent employee, get 2 meals a day and may not be paid lower than minimum wage.
      Please also try find an article on how black South Africa is sick to death of the uselessness, corruption and theft of our government. They don’t give two hoots about the poor. They walk all over the poor while our President uses our taxes to build himself a mansion, and churches are working tirelessly to help them get by. This is not about race – the principalities and powers that saturate our government and country is what we are fasting and praying against to break. So to try make me out like I’m a racist and should feel bad for the roof God has placed over my head is not only self-righteous but quite misinformed and judgmental. Do you know anything about my life and the ways in which I try help the poor? Do you think I like seeing people cold and hungry? It is THEM I am interceding for! Their future and salvation! I was a tiny tot when apartheid ran– I did not support it or bring it about, so don’t make out like I did! Out of 54 million people here, 2 million are white. So the white oppression argument is stale. It is not race we are against, but dark forces in the spirit realm over this land! So I can turn the challenge around and ask which poor family have you swapped places with, and tell you to come live here for a year and then post a comment again when you see what is ACTUALLY happening, and to not make an asp of a comment from the comfort of your room and free use of the internet.

      1. Elyon Lives

        “Daughter of the Most High” I’m a little bit shocked at not only how unnecessary your comment is, but also how misplaced and forgive me for saying so, ignorant it is. How on earth have you managed to turn this into a race thing?! I’m not sure what ‘news’ article you were watching, but it seems to be made by someone just as ignorant. I live in the UK and even I constantly hear stories of SA’s corrupt government! You seem to be very misguided on what is actually going on in South Africa so I suggest you visit it for yourself, or do your own research, to base an informed opinion on. Firstly I think it’s very rude of you to call people ‘servants’ when in fact they are hard working individuals, doing a job just like you and I! They are not servants, their job title is domestic workers – please ensure you use the correct term as your words are very hurtful to these people. I think KIT explains it best so I am not going to go into the nitty gritty details of what I have seen/read, but all domestic workers pay, hours etc. are regulated, they receive UIF etc.

        It has been 20 years since apartheid ended, so it’s a good thing to question why nothing has been done about the townships. However it seems you haven’t noticed that the South African government is black and not white, so turning this into a race thing against white people seems ridiculous. What you should be doing is spending your time writing to the (black) South African government and asking them the same question. Please get your facts straight. The whole point of fasting is because the country is being run by corrupt individuals – race has nothing to do with it! Desmond Tutu himself has said that the ANC has lost it’s values and the things it initially stood for before apartheid ended. Goodness me please just pick up a newspaper and read all about it!!!

        Oh, and regarding your comment about white people needing to swap places with a black family – does that also apply to the white domestic worker working for a black family in Soweto? Because I’m sure she would love to trade places!

  2. Sharon Natsarim

    Wow Kit, Yah bless you sister and I will pray for your fight, for your country, for your protection and for people’s eyes to be opened to the truth and not the lies that the powers that be force feed the masses. This is an awesome task you are taking on and I pray for Holy angels with swords of fire to surround you round about continually, may they guide your every step as you follow Jesus on His path. I always think and pray for you dear sister.


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