Divinely Appointed Labourers

God is the Master Orchestrator, there is nothing more exciting than seeing Him in action!
I have written before how I have been praying and fasting for my dad’s salvation, and how God revealed to me the hindrances that surround him receiving this gift.

There is no use anymore talking to my dad about Jesus as he gets irritated and I see this resilience wrap around him. I would like to say his eyes glaze over, but no, there’s just fiery irritation. So I have been praying that the Lord sends other labourers to cross my dad’s path that he will listen to, and that anything they say about God will be like a fragrance diffused all around him (2 Cor 2:14).

My dad never liked Jewish people – for what reason, who knows? There never is a valid reason anyway, is there? That was until my gran did some research on my grandfather’s family tree and found out we have Jewish bloodline. From way back, but that was enough to make my dad change his mind! Now he thinks they’re just awesome. Fickle. Sigh. He has a lot of Jewish clients, and lately they have been talking to my dad about their culture and God. He told me that they invited him to Shul and he said, “You know what, I think I’m gonna go!”
Now that’s God in action! He may not be directly drawn toward Jesus for now, but he is, at least, toward His Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! I will be praying during every time he goes to Shul or interacts with his Jewish friends that God will penetrate his heart and His truth will saturate him; and that the fortresses surrounding my dad will be broken down to the point where he can see his need for a Saviour and accepts Jesus. My cousin has dreamt three times over the past two years of my dad praying and quoting Scripture out loud.

I just love how God works – the very people my dad never liked, God’s chosen, could possibly be the very same who will help draw him to the gift of salvation! Kind of makes me giggle at the sheer awesomeness of it.

22 thoughts on “Divinely Appointed Labourers

  1. Tony

    My dad accepted the Lord on his deathbed. Thank goodness that the Lord accepts deathbed confessions. My wife’s girlfriend led him to the Lord before he died.

  2. Sharon Natsarim

    Isn’t He just the most amazing, awesome, just being ever with an incredible sense of humor and irony….lol! All praise to You Father and I stand with Kit in agreement regarding her prayers for her human Daddy:) Yah bless sister (((HUGS)))

    1. Kofi

      Amen, I am in complete agreement with this prayer. My dad is involved in all types of worship that is not of The Ancient of Days. He’s into Kaballah, Shango, Orisha (alternate religions that worship idols). I cry, I pray, I beg God for a change in my dad, but now I will simply pray that The LORD of the Harvest send workers my daddy’s way, in Jesus Christ most Holy Name.

      1. kingintraining Post author

        I will pray for him too! The one thing I have also had to include in my prayers for my dad are coming against the spirits of intellectualism and worldly wisdom that surround him – for my dad, if it doesn’t come from a scientist’s mouth its not true! Perhaps also come against those spirits that surround your dad (if you havent already) because they’re his view! Standing in prayer with you xxx

      2. Pure Glory

        Yes, it is dear to the heart of the LORD of the Harvest to see your dad saved. He wants it more than you do. Prayer changes things that are God’s will. See your dad hungering and thirsting after the truth. He is searching in all the wrong places due to his God hunger that is misplaced. Thank and praise God for his salvation!

  3. nataliescarberry

    Wow, love this post! I pray that something similar happen to my sister who resists my urgings as did your Dad. God does work in mysterious ways, and He is sooooooo good! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    1. kingintraining Post author

      I pray that too for you! It gets tough especially when you see how stubborn they can be! But even better to witness how God works 😀 I truly pray your sister is brought into His marvelous Light! 🙂

  4. betsyborchardt

    God works a step at a time with our salvation. That your dad finally accepted the Jewish people to be a part of his life was God’s doing and His timing. These Jewish clients must have been strong lights in the darkness. That God is being revealed to your dad is a step in the process of his coming to know Jesus. Many times those we are close to cannot be influenced by us directly to adjust their prejudices and change their beliefs. I will be praying with you that your dad will eventually see his need for a Savior and accept Jesus when the Lord again intervenes in his life.
    I like your blog posts. They give me much to ponder.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Thanks Betsy 🙂 You’re so right about not being able to directly affect them-I’ve learned that the hard way! I appreciate your prayers, thank you xx

  5. Skye

    What an amazing story!! It is lovely to see how God is honoring your prayers and fasting by allowing you to see changes taking place. Praise Him always!!

  6. Shakti Ghosal

    A thought provoking post.

    What is it indeed that allows prejudices to create nests within us? What remains at the core of the network of our unexamined ideas, beliefs, biases, prejudices, social and cultural
    embeddedness, and taken-for-granted assumptions about the world, others, and ourselves?
    Just like our physical selves, could these also be a product of the Master Orchestrator?


    1. kingintraining Post author

      Yes great testimony! We all love Angus, he’s a wonderful man of God. He’s preached at my church before. He’s a firm believer in strengthening men in the kingdom and runs Mighty Men conferences that are life changing. We are all about to embark on 40 days of prayer for his next conference in the Karoo!


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