God, the gentle Archaeologist

I had finally managed to get to church that Sunday morning. If the devil had succeeded in his plans I may not have seen what God so graciously showed me.

I stood in powerful praise and worship. All of a sudden I saw myself standing over South Africa. I bent down and started to pick it up at its tip and it snapped off like a piece of matzah. I lifted South Africa up and handed it to the Lord. He had an archaeologist’s round brush in His hand and He started dusting off the surface of the country by twisting the brush clockwise and counter-clockwise to remove all the dust, debris and dirt lying on top. And the more He dusted the more pure gold became revealed beneath the surface!

Archeologists use soft bristled brushes to take great care in removing debris and dirt from fragile artifacts to prevent them from getting damaged. This tells me that South Africa is a very fragile country, considering our past and present, and only the precious hand of God can gently deal with removing the debris that is blocking people from receiving the gospel. Only God’s mighty plans and purposes can reveal the gold that lies beneath! Amen Jesus!

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:9

30 thoughts on “God, the gentle Archaeologist

  1. Pure Glory

    South Africa is precious to The Lord and the plans he has for it are good and not evil. Gold is precious but often goes through a grueling process before it comes forth as pure gold. God bearing rocks are crushed and sifted, put in an arsenic bath and then in a fur acne that is extremely hot. Finally the pure gold is poured into ingots. Each bar of gold is extremely heavy in its weight. “When he has tried me, I will come forth as pure gold.” Job

  2. daughter of the Most High

    May I suggest travel around the country and claim it for YHWH like Joshua: ‘Wherever the soul of your foot treads, I have given unto you’. I did it with my much larger country, three home schooled children and an old bus. Took us four years. When we get to Heaven the only thing that will matter is what we do for YHWH in this life. Nothing else impresses Him. The way He called me to this work was at a church one evening. In the foyer was a map of Australia. I knew what He wanted immediately I saw the map. Ask Him. You are being called.

  3. Tony

    Have you sought the Lord on what is your part in this. I don’t believe you would be shown something like this without a purpose behind it.

    1. kingintraining Post author

      Hi Tony, apologies for the delay. We just completed a shared 40 day fast for the elections, which I felt He impressed on my heart to do. So still praying 🙂

      1. Lisette Defoe

        Sometimes that is our only participation He requires, eh? Pray and intercede with Him. Sometimes I wonder for how long to pray after He shows something in a dream or vision.

  4. Nate

    South AFrica is in a very fragile place. The next few years could be crucial. The churches here used to pray like it matters, not so much now. Perhaps it will take a few scares to get them back to the place they were in 94.

  5. bernicium

    Hello! How have you been sister?
    I miss your wonderful blog posts… I hope everything is going well?

    Please let us know that you are doing well, and God bless your day today. ❤

  6. Lisette Defoe

    I loved this vision. A few times the Lord gave me a vision also about my island. Makes me happy to know He cares about my island, eventhough it is just a speck of dust on the world map. Blessings to you and blessings upon South Africa as well!!

      1. Lisette Defoe

        Kingintraining… Is there a way I can send you a page for your review? Not sure you want to post your email address here though…

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