When God steps in

One of my dear friends fell into a diabetic coma last month. Her family rushed all the way to South Africa from the UK to be at her bedside. She had always told us that she was on medical aid/insurance, but the private hospital she was rushed to could not locate any details that this was the case.

So there was this worry that they would have to move her to a government (state) hospital. In South Africa, that’s a no go! You want private medical care here. But because they were battling to stabilize her, they kept her in the private hospital. The first day’s costs were a cool fifty thousand Rand!
A week went by and she woke up but not getting that much better that they could move her.

My friend was saved but her mother and the rest of her family are not. The last thing you want to worry about when your child is in ICU are bills. We said only one prayer that God would assist with the bills somehow. One. We kept praying for my friend and her family that God would show up in a wonderful way so that they could see the King she was serving.

Unfortunately, two weeks later, God had decided to rather take my friend home to be with Him. But that doesn’t mean there was no miracle. He did show up.

My friend’s mother got to a point where she was starting to worry about the increasing bills, as they had warned it would cost in the region of over a million once my friend had recuperated! So she caught the Doctor in the hospital parking lot asking him about the ICU bill as she wanted to start making plans to ensure they could pay it.
He told her that any cent after the deposit she put down would not be charged to her. The rest of the treatment was absolutely free! How miraculous was that! She acknowledged that this was definitely a move of God, all glory to Him!
The way I see it is that He kindly gave us 2 more weeks with her to say our goodbyes – and we didn’t even have to pay for the privilege of it.

19 thoughts on “When God steps in

  1. leftnfree

    Sorry for the loss of your friend but so glad that Almighty God showed up and that the mom acknowledges that God is the reason for the miracle. WOW! God is so good to us!!!

  2. andynmarshall

    Thank you so much!!

    It’s a weird one…. I have had the most annoying congested nose for a good 4 or 5 weeks now and it just wont budge!! I’ve used all kinds of nasal sprays which help so much however the problem with this is that you are only supposed to use them for 10 days MAX…. I’m on my 4th week of using them and although they help instantly… the feeling when it wears off is just awful.

    I recognise that I have been using it way too much as (disgusting part coming up!!!) my nose has started to bleed… not gushing blood like you would expect though, just blood in the inside part of my nose… As if i have burned up there with the excessive use…

    I’m getting really fed up of this now and it’s affecting my sleep making me tired during the day. Please can you pray for healing from this?? I would love to have a good nights sleep without having to use these sprays!

    Anyway, hope all is well 🙂

    Thank you

    1. Sharon Natsarim

      Hi Andy,
      I will pray for you also but I have a question…do you happen to smoke? Or did you smoke in the past? The reason I ask is that my sister has had the same thing going on for years now and the Holy Spirit is telling me it is a demon associated with smoking. My sister has only recently accepted Yeshua/Jesus into her life and just got baptised…but still continues to smoke. As long as she continues to do that she is allowing them to attack her. Just wanted to share that and let you know I too, will pray for you. Yah bless.

  3. journeyofjoy

    So sorry for your loss lovely girl! What a long while it’s been. I pray God is keeping you and the family in spite the healing your tender heart needs. Praying for you and the immediate family.

    It’s been a while! I forgot how much I love the horse on your cover page. I just sat there and gazed at it along with the verse. What a day that will be!

    Sending you hugs,

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