My daughter’s dream

And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

I try avoid looking too deeply into things or spiritualising everything. It helps nothing. But my daughter had a strange dream and I don’t know what to make of it. I’m not sure if it means something or just a product of too much pizza or an overactive imagination. I have never spoken to her about the Blood Moon or things pertaining to the end times, as she is too young. She just turned 7 years old.
Perhaps Readers, you can make some sense of it?

She had gone to the store with my mom. She said she looked at the moon and it was “very red” and she knew then and there something bad was coming.
All of a sudden there was an earthquake and the ground was shaking and splitting open. People were screaming and panicking and trying to run away. Then a flood came and the water was quickly rising so she ran into the store to be safe; but the water eventually came into the store as well.
She said people had turned evil, like “zombies” (I’ve never allowed her to watch any TV etc. with zombies in it so I’m not sure what that means to her). Then she said she kept praying for this scenario to stop. These evil people could not breathe if they left the water (Isaiah 27:1?). And along with prayer, if she threw store items from the shelves at these people, it kept them at bay and kind of calmed them a little.
She said she kept an eye on the moon waiting for its red colour to go and eventually it did so she knew the catastrophe would all stop. Once it turned its normal colour, everything went back to normal and people normalized as well.


14 thoughts on “My daughter’s dream

      1. andynmarshall

        Yeah – we’re super excited! Woaw – I’d love to visit Portugal! Were you staying with family (I seem to remember reading somewhere your grandmother is portugese?)

  1. andynmarshall

    That would be awesome – can’t beat spending time with the family! I’ll keep your family in my prayers and especially this dream. Would love to know someon who the holy spirit has blessed with dream interpretation!

  2. in567

    I too am hesitant to reveal about the dreams and spiritual occurrences that have happened in my life, just in case there are them folks who like to read dream books and figure out what they mean from them. But I’ve recently had a dream that seemed so real, that I felt that I was asleep, trying my best to open my eyes to awake. And evil darkness was swarming me and it was only by my calling out the name of Jesus, that I was suddenly awake. The darkness knew that I was trying to call out His name to save me and was trying to prevent that from happening. But by God’s grace, I had been set free from that suffocating evil. Wow, your daughter’s dream is quite vivid. Much in detail, for sure. I will say a prayer for you that may God reveal to you what it means, or that He will give you and your daughter the peace that you both need as you wait for Him to reveal it, whenever that may be. May God bless you both.


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