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Victory over anger

Do you have that one sin that you struggle to overcome? That one besetting sin? Beset means to torment, harass, assail. Not a pleasant experience at all. 
Mine is driving through peak hour traffic. I have all the patience in the world for everything else, but please don’t place me into peak hour traffic! I pray as I get into my car and five minutes down the road my face is already turning red. Yes. God has patience with me – I am a work in progress!

South Africans are known to be one of the most aggressive drivers in the world and there is a highway in Johannesburg that is more aggressive than its drivers. The highway is never spoken well of – there are accidents on that highway every day, trucks always breaking down and people flipping each other the bird. Some have even claimed that it is cursed due to how awful the accidents are on there. And that’s not coming from Christians! Many lives have been claimed there. Everyone on that highway is always angry. I drove that highway for three years in my last job, and I was always so aggressive and angry. It got too much and I asked the Lord, “Lord, help! Please! Why am I always so angry on the way to work?”
I find there’s a remarkable difference between that highway and the one I drive on now. Both are just as busy and just as a long, but very different in their “personalities”. No matter how slow the highway is on the one I drive now, people are patient, wait their turn, and it is a far more relaxing and comfortable drive than the other one.

Why the difference, I wondered?
Ephesians 4: 26-27 says, “Be angry, and do not sin… nor give place to the devil

When reading that verse I always thought it meant that we should not give the devil an opportunity to allow us to sin. However, the word ‘place’ here means a literal geographical place – giving him legal ground on which to operate! The Greek word for place here is ‘topos’ which means place, any portion or space marked off. This is where we get the word for topographical map.

So the anger on that highway completely makes sense! There are so many people getting angry, most often for silly reasons, which ultimately causes accidents, and every time they get angry, that place is cordoned off especially for the devil to make the next person who passes by even angrier! It is now his territory within which to operate.

I read a testimony from Rebecca Brown about her husband Daniel Yoder on this exact incidence. This is what happened to him:

We live 15 miles away from Clinton. We get our mail at the post office in Clinton, a town of 3,000 people. There is one main highway that runs through the center of town. People drive pretty fast on that road, usually in excess of 50 miles per hour. On this particular day, Daniel went into town by himself to pick up the mail. As he was driving through the center of town on the highway, he witnessed an incident. He was not involved in it in any way. He simply witnessed the incident. He was driving along, and a young man in a pick­up truck was driving along on the road going the same direction some distance in front of him. Suddenly, an old man in an old car pulled right out onto the highway directly in front of the young man and proceeded to drive about 15 miles per hour. The old man never looked to see if anyone was coming! The young man in the truck had to slam on his brakes and skidded all over the road trying to keep from hitting the old man in the back. When he finally got his truck under control he was obviously furious! He pulled up beside the old man and honked his horn, rolled down his window and shouted and shook his fist at the old guy. I think the old man was so deaf that he didn’t even hear the young man. The young man squealed his tires and went on his way.

Now Daniel was not involved in this incident at all. However, when he arrived at the place in the road where it had happened, suddenly, he realized that he was furious. He was so mad he wanted to hurt someone or something! But he didn’t have anything to be mad about! As he thought about this Daniel prayed. He said, “Lord, why am I so furious? I don’t have anything to be mad about.”
As Daniel asked the Lord that question, immediately the Holy Spirit flashed into Daniel’s mind the scripture:

“Be angry and do not sin . . . . nor give place to the devil.”  Eph. 4:26­27

The Lord went on to show Daniel that that word “place,” is a geographical term. Your home is a “place.”  The spot in the road where the young man nearly had the accident was a “place.” When we get angry, and sin in our anger, such as that young man did, we give demon spirits the legal right to inhabit that “place.”  “

How often have we allowed spirits into our homes and relationships because of our uncontrolled anger? Satan is constantly on the prowl waiting to seize any opportunity, and place, he can control. Don’t allow him to! Remember Matthew 5:22 warns us that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment!

What I do now is as I get into my car I command all spirits of anger to leave me in the name of Jesus. If I find myself in a situation that makes me feel angry, I again command all spirits of anger to leave me in the name of Jesus and I invite the Holy Spirit in its place. God is very faithful in dealing with it then and there and I do highly suggest every Christian practices this in their home and allow the Holy Spirit to be the Victor as He should be!


The night my husband was saved – a demonic attack!


When leading someone to salvation I always try to remember to tell them not to expect fireworks or angels coming down from Heaven to sing them a melody. Too often people complain that once they accept Christ they “never felt anything.” And they end up disappointed. It is so important to let them know that the insurmountable joy and peace you receive is far better than worldy joy, and it is based on faith, and our walk with Jesus will never be based on feelings.

So after waiting for this for 5 years, what do I get? I got the exact opposite of singing angels the night my husband gave his life to Christ. After a joyous experience, I got a houseful of angry and revengeful demons!

We had just bought a new bed and my husband’s back was taking a lot of strain getting used to it, and as a consequence, hardly getting any sleep. The night he was saved he said he was going to sleep in the spare bedroom to try catch up on some sleep. I had then offered my daughter Jordan, who was 3 at the time, a special treat to sleep with mommy that night, to which she excitedly agreed.

Out of nowhere, just after midnight, Jordan woke up with the most terrifying blood curdling scream I have ever heard come out of her mouth. I sat up with a shock trying to calm her down, thinking she was having a bad dream. I put on the light but her screams never stopped and she jumped into my arms and screamed, “Mommy, get them away from me!” I was so confused and told her she was having a dream and that I was there to help her, but the look on her face registered pure terror as she clung tightly round my neck and looked back in horror at something behind her.  At this point I could see this child was actually wide awake and not dreaming. She clung again and screamed, “Mommy! Mommy! Please! Get the monkey away from me!” And then I knew. My child was under attack. I furiously rebuked the demon bothering her and commanded that he leave the house at once in Jesus’ name.

At that point my husband came running into the room asking what was going on and when I told him he said that he just saw a demonic evil looking wolf growling at him and drooling. Being married to a wife who had told him about every bit of spiritual warfare for the previous 5 years, he knew to rebuke the demon he had seen in Jesus’ name; but Jordan’s screams were the perfect opportunity of getting him to sprint out of the room to where we were instead of being alone! It was great to see though – my newly saved husband being bold in Christ rebuking demons left right and centre!

Jordan then screamed again and backed up right against the bed’s headboard shouting, “Mommy get them away from me!” To see pure terror on your child’s face is not a party. I said, “Demons! I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ and I command you to leave Jordan and remove yourself from this house at once! She is covered by the blood of the Lamb and you have no right to her!” Things then calmed down and Jordan seemed okay, but asking her to go back to sleep was pretty much out of the question.

I offered that we go play in her bedroom and she agreed. She wanted to build a puzzle. Building puzzles at 1am is just awesome, especially when you have uninvited guests. We sat on the floor and she wanted to be close to me, so she came to sit on my lap. No sooner had she picked up the first puzzle piece when she jumped up in horror and backed away toward the door looking at me like I was an alien. I asked what was wrong and she pointed to me with a quivering blood drained lip and said, “Mommy, there’s an owl on your lap!” (!!) Do you know how difficult it is to remain calm with a demon on your lap and not freak out so that your child doesn’t freak out? Try not to scream, it will make the situation worse. Just be calm, you already have the victory in Christ, you only need to apply it. I calmly, and not loudly, rebuked the demon off my lap in the name of Jesus. I could see it fled because Jordan’s face relaxed and she came back to me.
I anointed her room and kicked any demons out again.
The struggle continued until about 4h30am and then only was she able to go to sleep.

Satan doesn’t hate anything more than salvation! I think he was particularly livid about my husband’s salvation because my husband was pretty worldly! But if he wants to release an army of demons on you to get you to change your mind, he will. Just be ready. Your salvation means you have already won because of Christ. Just take the devil by the horns  fight him off with the weapon Jesus has given you – His victory on the cross!


dark water


One of the most exciting things I find about the Bible is that you can read one verse and carry on reading, and not even realize that you have just passed over an entire story and a world of meaning that completely hits the ball right out of the park! And all due to one little root of a Hebrew word.

I was so captivated by the post by Vine of Life that described how the deepest undersea vents have just been discovered!

To me it’s exciting because do you know these are found in Genesis 1?
Did you overlook it? I did! Look again…

the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.”
See it?

What I used to read was about a bare planet, that had nothing and was pretty dark and bleak.
“They are belching out dark water – “a stunning sight”, one scientist said.”

Face of the deep. Face? Deep? Okay, so there’s a lot of water and darkness is covering it.

‘Deep’ here has the Hebrew root word “tehom” and this word is telling us that there are subterranean chambers under the earth, in the sea!
What is the point of these chambers? If we look at Luke 10:18, we see that the fall of Satan with his angels to earth was so dramatic – could that have caused this chamber catastrophe?  A lot of biblical scholars believe that this was the time God created hell. They also believe that the waters mentioned in verse 2 were actually there to cool down the earth as each chamber of hell was being formed.
The article states, “The water being blasted from the newly-found vents was measured at 401C, making this set among the hottest on the planet.”

The Bible has five words that refer to hell: Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, Tartaroo (used only once) and Abyss that contain the fallen angels, demons and souls of the unsaved.
I was then lucky enough to come across a teaching by brilliant Perry Stone on these subterranean chambers and the pits of hell. He gave an amazing account of a former Pastor who went on a diving expedition in the Bahamas and Bermuda. He was working with researchers and other divers who were attempting to research the strange activity around the Bermuda Triangle. I quote the story of Pastor Garner:

“On the boat a man named Wingate and a close associate of Jacques Cousteau were leading the scuba expedition. During one dive the men found under the water what appeared to them to be the black basalt stones of an ancient temple, including a perfect marble column. During another dive, after twenty minutes the diver came up and told the others that he was not “going back down there.” When Pastor Garner asked him why, the fellow replied, “I could hear something groaning under the floor of the sea. It sounded like it was dragging chains.” Pastor Garner did tell the diver that there were fallen angels somewhere under the earth, and perhaps that is what he heard. They never returned to this area. It was noticed that at times a yellow smoke could be seen.”

Gross. If I heard that I would have hyperventilated and drowned.

Interestingly, I have over the past three years come across the strangest testimonies of ex-Satanists from Africa. Every single one of the testimonies I read all claimed that they practiced their occultism, and trained, under the sea! Now I know a load about Satanism and I was “What?” But they all claim it! I thought to myself, “No clean-cut Satanism here, trust Africa to go overboard!” Satanists who practice water breathing even have to spend loads of time gaining more demonic power in order to accomplish this. But they all say Satan and his demons reside in the deep parts of the sea. “Sangomas” which is basically the African word for witch here also “go down into the sea” to gain more demonic power. It is known as the Marine Kingdom, run by the demonic ‘Queen of the Coast’. The Kingdom is spiritual so they obviously astral project to get there. Um. Eew?

Kind of makes me think twice about wanting to catch a few waves in Cape Town next time!

The strongest spirit I have ever come across

This is the strongest spirit I have ever come across. Ever. It is the most debilitating and literally sucks the physical and spiritual life out of you, and a Christian who is not aware of him can fall easy prey to his destruction!

My cousin had given birth to a precious baby with spina bifida. Our family prayed and fasted many times during his lengthy stay in hospital. A few days before that while praying for him in my room I got a brief vision of him lying in his hospital cot and lit up with a bright white silvery light. The same night my cousin got a vision of two swords crisscrossed over his bed!

One Saturday we (me, my mom and her two sisters) had gone to visit him and my cousin at the hospital in order to provide her support with prayer, communion and anointing.
Whilst fellowshipping, three nurses noticed us talking and praying, and came over to us and asked us about our belief in Jesus, and if we could pray for their healing. One lady had an ankle injury that would not heal. We prayed for all of them, and that same lady told my cousin the following week how her ankle was healed!

As we had finished praying for them, this terrible depressive cloud came over me and this voice, which I presumed was just my thought said “You’re useless.” Out of nowhere. Nothing had taken place to warrant this thought or feeling. The depressive feeling was so incredibly strong that I understand why they draw black clouds over sad peoples’ heads in cartoons! It was like I had a huge black cloud completely envelope me.
The thoughts never stopped and carried on with statements like, “You’re kidding right? You think your prayers are going to help your cousin’s baby and the nurses? Who do you think you are? Look at your family – they’re the stronger Christians! What are you even doing here?” Accusing thoughts like that changed to me now telling them to myself – “I really should not come back here to pray. I’m useless, I feel ashamed for even coming here! I have the sin of pride! I am being punished for thinking I could come here and make a difference!”

The change in my persona was so obvious that my mom asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing was wrong and that I had just been daydreaming.
The thoughts continued for a week after that and just got worse! I would think to myself, “Now, stop praying. You are useless and will never make a difference in God’s kingdom! Hah! You have made a fool of yourself for even going there! And stop trying to use the gifts God gave you. Why did you think you had any gifts in the first place? You’re useless and you don’t know what you’re doing! You’re embarrassing the Kingdom!”
Right now you’re thinking “Ah, come on! That was obviously Satan, he’s the accuser (Rev 12:10)! He’s the liar and deceiver (Rev 12:9), how could you fall for that?”
Readers, I cannot tell you how powerful this spirit is! It blinds you so badly to the truth that you can’t think straight and it blocks out all light. Not one part of me thought “Whoa, this is not right.” I’m very quick with identifying spirits – but this one got me. And he got me good.

A week later the thoughts were still tormenting me to the point of tears, where I felt I had let God down and embarrassed Him for my lack of usefulness in His Kingdom. I actually thought God thought of me as a joke. I was exhausted and would not read my Bible because I felt I was not good enough for the Word. I stopped praying for the same reason, and was depressed and lethargic. It felt like the very life was being sucked out of me. I was spiritually dry and physically exhausted.

There was one tiny little moment where crying in my bedroom I thankfully found a bit of energy and managed to squeak out, “What’s going on Lord?” That’s all I needed to say. And God stepped in. Through serendipity the next day (although we know there is no serendipity or coincidence with God!), I came across a writing of a Christian woman who had been attacked by this spirit and had the exact same symptoms as me! I then decided to do some research…

Ladies and gentleman, I hereby introduce to you the Python Spirit. Absolutely deadly and he hates with extreme passion.

Firstly, think about what you know of a python. It is nonpoisonous but deadly because they crush their prey to death and kill it by suffocation. When prey is in a python’s grip, every time it takes a breath, the python tightens that grip. The only way to kill a python this way is to cut off its head.

Greek mythology tells the story of a python that lived in the caves of Mount Parnassus. The Greek god Apollo founded the sacred Oracle at Delphi after he killed the python. The pagan temple of Apollo was erected here, and when people came to the Oracle for advice and revelation they could smell something decaying, which was thought to be the dead python. The priestess would breathe in the fumes that came up from the ground in order to receive the revelation people were looking for. Pretty much like mediums today. Therefore, we can see witchcraft was founded on python worship! The region where Paul was ministering was ruled by a stronghold of python.
Looking at Deuteronomy 18:10 “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or daughter to pass through fire, or use divination, an observer of the times, or an enchanter, or a witch…” Enchanter here means to hiss, whisper a spell.

This spirit is found in the Book of Acts. It is the source of divination. Looking at Acts 16, we see a female slave who followed Paul while he was going to the place of prayer and said, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.” When I was much younger, I always wondered what Paul’s problem was for rebuking her for proclaiming the truth about him! On the surface what she said doesn’t seem so bad, but it is not what she said, but what made her say it. This girl possessed the python spirit and made money for her owners by fortune telling. Paul wasn’t as caught as I was, and commanded the spirit to come out of her that instant, as only God is the author of revelation.

How does the python spirit work?
Basically it wants to keep you from doing what God wants you to do. His main weapons are crushing and suffocation – it crushes your visions, faith, hope, spiritual gifts and dreams so that you literally do nothing for God’s kingdom and give up. This spirit is after breath, and breath represents the Spirit of God. This spirit constantly told me to stop using my gifts as I was a waste of time and stupid! He suffocates you so badly that you can feel it in the physical, but then he eventually quenches the Holy Spirit and your zeal in order to carry on doing what God needs you to do. Proverbs 29:18 says “where there is no vision, the people perish.” You get spiritual apathy and think so low of yourself that you have no want to do anything for God or to get rid of this burden. You don’t bother wanting to rid of it because you believe it as truth.

If you had to see the python in the spirit realm, you will see it wrapped completely around your body, and its head will be right next to yours while it whispers negative thoughts, lies and deception into your ears. These very thoughts are crushing in itself. When we look at Genesis 3 the first poisonous words uttered by Satan were “Has God indeed said?” That created doubt in Eve’s mind. This spirit works non-stop at hissing out lies into your ears. You have to understand that the hisses are so powerful and convincing that recognizing it for what it actually is, is almost impossible.

When you look at Numbers 13, the twelve spies were supposed to spy on the land of promise but came back with a report about the giants of the land, But the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.” And they gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out, saying, “The land through which we have gone as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants, and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature. There we saw the giants(the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.” Fear and discouragement got the better of them, just like me. Interestingly, the Hebrew translation for Anak is: to choke as with strangulation using a necklace. You will not mistake its prime symptom – suffocation. You will literally feel the suffocation!

How to defeat the python spirit

As the python whispers all sorts of deception into your ears, the first thing you have to do is take authority over it and command it to leave you in the name of Jesus. Remember that Jesus gave us His authority to “trample over serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you.” Luke 10:19
As soon as I did that, the spirit left me immediately! It was that simple. I never had to fight it any more than that. The weight lifted and I could now see things for what they were.

Also ask God for forgiveness for allowing the spirit to get the better of you and its attempt to rob you of your spiritual gifts. We are instructed in Proverbs 4:23 to “keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Satan wants to harm both your physical body, emotional well-being and spirit! And from my case, you could see he did that with depression. I have my Honours in Clinical Psychology and I have always thought that most roots of mental illness are demonic.

As tough as it was, I am glad this happened to me as I don’t think this spirit is well known – any affliction that can be used to learn from and help other brothers and sisters in Christ, and ultimately bring glory to God, is worth it!
Please discern and keep watch for this spirit (1 Peter 5:8) and don’t ever allow it to hang around. Like I said, it is the strongest spirit I have ever encountered. Be vigilant, and conquer him!

You’re hiss-tory! Unlucky python ends up in tug-of-war between two leopards  3