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Author Spotlight: Paula Cross interview

I was blessed to interview Paula concerning her bookThe spirit of Python Unveiled
If any of you are interested in purchasing her informative book, here is a chance to get to know her, and the book, a little better!

1. What’s different about this book than others on in the bookstores?
Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s book on the spirit of python is the only one I am aware of at this time. Although both of our books disclose the same reality that python is out to steal our breath and that he does this through luring us into sin, THE SPIRIT OF PYTHON UNVEILED reveals why many are not just attacked, but dominated. This title also contains a profound revelation that has yet to be comprehended by the bride. And this book is written out of first-hand experience as one who was dominated but now free from the oppressing rule of python.

2. Did you receive any further revelations from God that you never knew before while writing the book?
I must confess… I thought I was strictly writing a book about how the Holy Spirit walked me out of python’s grip but what happened in the process astounded me. After I completed the book for the first time in February 2011 and was eager to have it published, the Lord told me ‘no’. He said it wasn’t finished and to put it down until He told me what else to do. It wasn’t until a year later when things began falling into my understanding that added to and supported the heart of the book. God was actually walking me through situations and teaching me even more and that’s when He told me to pick the book back up. He told me to remove a few chapters and save that information for another book and He replaced them with material that I had no idea was in me. Because it wasn’t in me until He poured it out. And that’s how the book was written – by the leading, revelation, instruction and teaching of the Holy Ghost.

After the book was written, it was time to publish and do you know God used that experience to give me all the more understanding! Of course, this is not disclosed in the book because it was finished, but He showed me how python was at work even though he had no authority or grounds. I was running into major walls and hassles trying to get the book published. Finally, one day when I was to the point of tears because it seemed all was lost and impossible, the Lord spoke to me saying, “Take authority over your book”. I said, “But why, Lord, I KNOW You are with me! I feel Your presence all over me, all over this book! You are right here! Python can’t touch it!” I thought the hassles were just typical issues. But God said, “Yes, I am with you and your angels have been fighting tooth and nail for days against the demons assigned to stop this book. Give your angels assistance and take authority over it, commanding the enemy to take his hands off your property which is unto Me!” I immediately took authority in the Name of Jesus and told them to take their hands off my book because it was God’s business and they had no legal grounds to interfere. Instantly, the hassle I had been having for days was GONE! The thing of it is ~ there is so much to learn. That’s why I’m confident there will have to be a part II to this title!

What would you say to Christians who believe it is impossible to be attacked by any spirit, such as python?
If somebody didn’t believe it was possible to be attacked by the spirit of python, they might not understand the reality of the spirit realm. Scripture says you must have the Holy Spirit in you to understand the things of the Spirit. What I would do is pray that God delivers them from evil, that Father God would enable them to see the truth of Christ, and that God would save them and open their eyes. Then, if Holy Spirit specifically told me to say something, I would. But only He knows what that might be at this point.

4. As described in your book, Python attempts to attack again and again. What advice, and scriptures, do you find particularly helpful in combating further attack?
The fact is python has zero power UNLESS we give it to him. Our problem is we do not realize that we are granting him power over us, we don’t understand how we are granting him power over us, nor do we understand why he easily acquires this power over us. And the only way out is to truly know God intimately, to know His love, and to own His truths. Such as Colossians 1:13 which says we have been rescued from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. Once this is real to us, once we own it and wear it because of how one we are with the Majestic One, we are free. Period.

5. Now that your life is free from the bondage of python, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Now that I know who I am in Christ and am filled with the exhilaration that freedom brings… now that the chains that bound me most of my life are gone, all I want to do is expose the spirit of python! We can all be free! The infiltration has been so thick. The layers are so numerous! Python has accomplished much over the course of time and my brothers and sisters are trapped in a cloud of darkness that is completely escapable through truth. So I will spend the rest of my days on this earth revealing this truth as best as I can!

6. As an author, what’s your greatest hope for Unveiling the Python?
My greatest hope for The Spirit Of Python Unveiled is that it causes tremendous damage to the spirit of python’s empire – so much so that waves of believers across the planet will realize who they are in Christ, will rise up, and will lead others into certain freedom as well. And that freedom would spread like wildfire. If my book plays even a fraction of a role in such a glorious event, I would be blessed for eternity and count all the hell I went through as worth it to the max!

7. Can we hope to see any further books from you?
You can certainly hope to see further books from me. God is speaking to me about what’s coming and says He will show me precisely what to write next. I’m thinking it will be part II to this title… but we’ll see what the Holy Spirit says. He is so awesome!

In the meantime, He has me working on one of my websites ( which is going to be powerful hands on help to those in the midst of their battle with python. It will provide ample support teachings (audio or video) and guidance as well as prayers.

Thank you Paula for your astounding input into the kingdom! May God be glorified!


Book Review: The spirit of Python Unveiled by Paula Cross

New Picture

I was approached by Christian author Paula Cross to read and review her book “The spirit of Python unveiled”

I have been attacked by this spirit before – and just when I thought I knew everything about it, out comes Paula’s book!  This book is excellent in explaining how intricately weaved this spirit actually is in the lives of some Christians. Paula describes in detail how this spirit works on so many levels that I highly doubt any Christian who reads this will still walk away with the question “what on earth is happening to me?”

What I liked about the book, is that you come to such a great understanding of the workings of the spirit because Paula gives detailed accounts of her own life and patterns of thinking while under attack by this spirit, that many will identify with. But she also provides a wonderful balance to the book of God’s grace and the importance of a relationship with Him – which ultimately will provide you with wisdom to defeat this spirit!
Paula’s explanation of law verses grace is excellent, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Each chapter also includes a short workbook so that you can tell if you have grasped all that she has explained!

It is highly recommended and her book can be found on Amazon
I interviewed Paula and will be posting that soon! Stay tuned! 😀

The roaring lullaby

White Lions ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit some white lions. I was so close I never had to zoom my camera in. Isn’t he beautiful? He was so enamoured with his lady love, he spent his time grooming her until finally falling asleep with his arm around her. It was too sweet!

While I was watching him groom her, he was letting off slight roars, which sounded more of a rumble. Lions don’t purr, they only roar. But it is the most captivating, beautiful sound in the world. It was the first time I could hear a soft roar so up close. I could feel it go right through my body and eventually I felt myself slipping into a daze, it was like a lullaby.

The purpose of a lion’s roar is to transfix and actually paralyse its prey, which is why they roar just before they attack. A lion’s roar is so forceful that it is enough to raise a cloud of dust, and can be heard 5 miles / 8 kilometres away!

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour: resist him, steadfast in the faith..” 1 Peter 5:8-9

Have you ever been confronted with a situation that is either so scary or disappointing or tragic that it leaves you paralysed with fear? So much so that you can’t even bring yourself to pray? I had the worst day on Friday – I had to enforce an incredibly hard decision which was the Lord’s, completely opposite to what I wanted, plus I got some bad news. The Lord gave me something on a silver platter and I’m now being told it will possibly be taken away. So I’m numb, filled with all sorts of daunting and disappointed feelings.

So there’s a deafening roar in my ears right now. Regarding my current situation, my spirit shouts, “Blessed be the name of the Lord, a new challenge awaits you in the kingdom!” But my flesh is shouting, “What stupid nonsense is this?!” A definite war between the two.

I know if I don’t stunt his paralyzing purrs with the Word of God, I will stay in this moment of perceived defeat and will not be able to grab onto the next adventure He is about to take me on. Only when I resist that roaring lion in my faith will I be able to have strength to stand up on my Rock; who’s roar is like the sound of many waters (Ezekiel 43:2) and will drown out all those spellbinding meows.
Now if I could just open my mouth and let out a little roar of my own…

God is in the midst of her

J birth J birth2

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You” Isaiah 26:3

I have been hesitant posting this. This experience is sacred to me, and it almost feels like if I put it down on paper, it will be lost. But this blog is about Jesus to highlight His power. So, here’s telling how great our God is…

You know when you smell something familiar, it invokes a distinct memory of a place or time, whether good or bad? That’s what they teach in Psych class 101 – called classical conditioning.

When my daughter was in my womb her oesophagus never grew all the way to her tummy, so she needed a massive operation at only three days old. This ensured that she was born straight into NICU and I had a very scary 30 days ahead of me.

I had to stay very close to the Lord during this time, but many times fear got the upper hand and gripped me. There were many tears, with as many prayers. There were doubts peppered with ‘what ifs’ that jumped into my head. I sat at her bedside from 8am-8pm. I would watch all the machines attached to her little body painstakingly, and jump up at the nurse for every little beep, demanding to know what it meant. If I had to write a nurse’s exam after that ordeal, I think I might have just passed!

It was incredibly stressful. This post is not about spiritual attacks, but I am giving this example to highlight the type of ordeals we went through. One particular morning there was a spiritual attack on the NICU. The night before I had felt an evil presence come into my bedroom which I had to rebuke and pray away. The next morning, as I was getting dressed to go to the hospital, the Christian NICU nurse who was assigned to Jordan, called me on my cell. I was blessed to have her, she is a mighty woman of God. Her first words were, “Now don’t panic…but Jordan’s heart rate has increased to 300bpm and we can’t see why.” I can’t remember what happened after that but all I heard her say into the phone was, “No no, calm down, just call hubby or your mom, don’t panic!” And next I knew I was at the hospital.

The NICU was in disarray, which was out of the ordinary for this first class hospital. Jordan’s nurse felt it was a clear attack from Satan – all the machines were beeping out of control for unknown reasons, every single infant was screaming and phones were ringing off the hook. There was confusion everywhere. It was so noisy people could not concentrate.
Satan chose that specific day to attack because that was the day I would find out if Jordan’s operation was successful or if she had to be transferred to Cape Town’s Red Cross Childrens’ Hospital. God won. It was ok! Satan tried to steal my joy of God’s victorious operation by replacing it with a possible heart problem. To cut a long story short, there was nothing doctors could find that caused her heart rate to speed up, and an ECG showed her heart was perfectly healthy. I always find that when doctors don’t know, the spirit world does!

However, despite this most stressful time, this is the most blessed hospital I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would say about 95% of the hospital staff there are saved. Every patient gets prayed over, and Jesus is on their lips the entire time. Besides a church, I have never witnessed an institution that holds so many Christians in one place and makes God the centre like this hospital does. God was always the topic of conversation there, which infused me with an abundance of strength. They are blessed and the patients are blessed because the staff honour Jesus. I never got to hold my baby until her third day in this world. A nurse came unexpectedly into my room and said, “Lets’ pray.” And she prayed for me and my baby, so heartfelt and wonderful. It gives me a lump in my throat thinking about it as I type. God is so beautiful in that hospital. He walks those floors the entire day through. There is peace amidst the chaos the medical world brings.

As you know, every time you enter the NICU ward, you need to wash your hands with that disinfectant or rub them with the alcohol disinfectant, which has a very distinct smell. I have one of those bottles at home that I use now and then. One would think that every time I smell the disinfectant that it would bring back awful memories. But no, my mind gets flooded with warm, loving memories! The smell invokes a very happy time for me. I do not remember it as a ‘bad’ time, but a great time with wonderful experiences because Jesus led the entire process. I get nostalgic. I smile every single time I use it. It makes me miss that hospital so much and its wonderful people. To be honest, I think I keep a bottle because it’s sentimental for me. 

That’s our Jesus – the beautiful calming peace in the storm. How I love Him! The world does not smile thinking back about a tribulation or trial. But we can, because we are His! We are children of the God of all comfort (2 Cor 1:3). God brought beauty to a memory that would very easily have been a horrible one if I never knew Him.
I know, that no matter how difficult the trial, I can rest in the peace of Jesus because God will always be in the midst of her.


Ice Hockey Christianity

My aunt always refers to Satan as ‘ol Slewfoot, and when she counteracts his attacks she declares, “Checkmate, Slewfoot!” I always laugh because it is such a funny name and such a confident way of stating victory in Christ.

I’m not too sure where the name for Slewfoot came from, but I’m almost convinced the act of slew-footing in ice hockey is based on Satan’s deceptive practices! (Pity about the ice problem).

To slew-foot in ice hockey means a player uses his leg to take someone off balance from behind by sweeping the back of their knee, in order to kick an opponent’s feet from under him – which tends to result in injury because the victim falls really hard and often hits his head. It is considered the dirtiest cheap shot a hockey player can do – because it is unexpected and sneaky!

Christians, in a way, are ice hockey players – except we have more victory than worldly players having the power in Christ to prevent us from falling on that ice.

So important about this infraction is that it is only considered slew-footing when the player is sneakily approached from the back. I had recently shared the revelation God had given me concerning my dad’s salvation and how Satan attacks from the back – sneaky, cowardly and cheap. Our hockey uniform is the armour of God. We are to put on our armour daily (Eph 6:11).

Every soldier needs solid footing. The Roman soldiers had spikes under their shoes so that it gave good grip and kept them stable during war. The good news of peace is what gives us our footing. We already have that peace in Jesus (Acts 10:36) – only doubt from the enemy takes it away. As soon as we doubt, take offense, dwell in condemnation or guilt our heads hit the icy floor and we are swarmed with confusion. The spirit of fear takes over and we are no longer operating with a sound mind.
We also stand on solid ground – Christ, the Rock of our salvation. With legs of marble supporting and bearing us up (Song of Sol 5:15), we will not slip or lose our balance (Psalms 18:36)

Slew-footing tends to be used by smaller, weaker players to gain advantage on the stronger players – this makes it easier for them to get the puck. Isn’t that typically Satan? The one who has already lost the game, but will try by all means to drive us off our path and bring us to sit on the loser’s bench with him.

One way a ‘slew-footer’ gets the victim to fall on the ice, is by dragging the skate with his hockey stick. Goliath’s spear had rope on it and the rope was attached to Goliath’s wrist. The purpose of this was once he hit his enemy he could drag that victim back to himself. So once wounded, he could not get away. If those fiery darts hit us, do we stay still on the cold ice wounded by offenses and hard trials, or do we get back up and fight back with our own hockey stick – our sword, which is the Word of God! (Eph 6:17)

When slew-footing happens, match penalties are assessed by the referee. Jesus Christ is our mediator, our referee (1 Tim 2:5). He will bind up our wounds (Psalms 147:3) and place Satan on suspension!

Be encouraged, Champion!

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Clarke’s commentary says that the word champion comes from the Hebrew word, “a middle man, the man between two.”
In his battle with David, Goliath stood between two armies and fought as a representative of his army.

Jesus is our the chief, perfect mediator and our ultimate Champion.
In addition, being God’s representatives on earth (2 Cor 5:20), we are fighting as representatives of His army – we stand with Christ as joint heirs, fighting for the army of light against the army of darkness!

Be encouraged and fight the good fight – today, you are His champion!

Condemning tongues

I have mentioned before how my daughter was born with TOFS. During my pregnancy and her surgery, it took a lot of strength to stay strong in the Lord and not get swept away by fear.

The best surgeon in the country had operated on her – he was over 6 feet tall and had massive hands, I was astounded how he managed to work on such tiny little humans. He operated between her third and fourth ribs too! I had prayed that Jesus do the operation Himself and that He used the Doctors to assist in the op. I take “not looking to man but Jesus” very seriously.
After the operation the surgeon came to me and said that it was quite a tight operation and he really had to pull tissue to ensure closure. His words were, “I’m not actually sure if this is going to take. We will only be able to tell in 2 weeks’ time. She will need to be transferred to Red Cross Childrens’ hospital in Cape Town if this does not take.”

Fear almost got the better of me but I know the serious consequences of accepting something that does not line up with God’s Word or counteracts my faith for what I had been praying for. I had prayed for three hours before the op and for three hours during the op, and that Jesus do the op Himself. There are no mistakes with Jesus. I truly believed that He did a perfect work, and always has. 

As soon as the surgeon left my hospital room, I came against all negative words spoken by him, and rejected them in the name of Jesus. Every tongue that rises against me in judgment I will condemn! (Isaiah 54:17). I pleaded the blood of Jesus over my daughter and her operation and proclaimed the truth of Jesus’ perfect work.

A year later we moved back to Johannesburg. TOFS kids are prone to having food getting stuck in their throat at the site of the operation, due to a narrowing, which then requires dilation whereby the child is anesthetized and a scope is put down the throat while the paediatric surgeon removes the piece of food lodging the throat. A chick pea got stuck in Jordan’s throat, which I should have mashed up. But this turned out for God’s glory to prove to me and my family how beautiful His handiwork is.

When Jordan came out of the dilation, the paediatric surgeon said to me that it all went well and asked, “who operated on her oesophagus? Out of all my years as a surgeon, the operation on her oesophagus is the most perfect and beautiful work I have ever seen done.” 


Awesome and wonderful handiwork. There was a shift from doubt to perfection.
I don’t like to accept the negative prognoses and diagnoses from doctors. Doctors are a wonderful blessing from God. They have a degree (and a thousand times more clever than me!) but we are in the world but not of it (John 15:19) and serve a God that reigns on a throne! Declare the wonderful works of the Lord instead! (Psalm 118:17)