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Beach Bums

Hi all! I will be a little quiet as this will be my back yard for the next few days.

We are staying on the beach and blessed to wake up to the sound of crashing waves and the fresh smell of the ocean! Like my husband says, he wishes he could bottle that smell.
Let all creation praise the Lord!

On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #4 – Going Into The Word

Outstanding and simply beautiful!
The pages of this blog are completely saturated with the Holy Spirit!


Jesus stood thoughtfully stroking His beard as He watched the angels carrying out His plan.  He seemed intent that every detail be perfect. Standing in the green meadow under a large spreading tree, He instructed them exactly where to place everything.

The exquisite cloth was to be laid out near the quiet river, under the boughs of the tree.  He smiled at the richness of detail in the burgundy silk and velvet fabrics with the golden fringes.  He ran His fingers over the small golden flowers of embroidery work that were scattered over the surface.  Angels in white with white feathery wings hovered about, placing china settings for two on golden chargers. The finest china, almost transparent, was adorned with pink roses and edged in fine gold.  Then a golden goblet was positioned beside each setting.  Finally they placed a large picnic basket on the edge of the cloth.  It…

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Mind Control — Illuminati Assasination Squad

This is 44 minutes long but worth the watch – because this is real. It is not a conspiracy!
2 Corinthians 10:5 says we are to “bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” Hypnosis goes against that. It opens our mind through disobedience. God does not want waffle minds in His children. As a result, it opens the person to receiving a demon – because the demon now has legal right to enter him/her.
By focusing on a goat’s heart they can make the heart explode. That demon/s that entered through hypnosis and other mind control mechanisms is what makes the goat’s heart explode, not the person. Ask any person working deep in the heart of Satanism – this is what they do. They can turn a cat into a rabbit by focusing on them.
The same for the Duncan guy mentioned in here – “he has unusual body strength.” All that strength comes from the demons he has from what he has obeyed through mind control and hypnosis – all goes against the knowledge of God.
It makes sense to me that the chip they are inserted with is demonically cursed too – which also adds to that supernatural strength and the mind to be blocked out on a whim!