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Christianese! It’s how we roll!

I really enjoyed the video posted by Vine of Life today on Christianese

I was just having a good laugh on the weekend about how Christians have their own language, and I’m sure most of the time unsaved people have no idea what we are talking about!
Just as I was walking from the parking lot into church on Sunday, one of the church members drove past me and missed hitting me by an inch! Not quite sure what he was doing but I think he realised his mistake because he still looked out his window and gave me a big smile.
My mom commented “My goodness!” While another member of the congregation joked and said, “He needs prayer!” Chuckles all round. While I exclaimed, “Yeah, I don’t want to die now – I’m waiting for the rapture!” More laughs!

Not only do we share a great King, but a ‘secret’ language as well, hehe
Do you have any humorous experiences with ‘Christianese’, Reader?