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What it means to Pray Through

Fantastic inspiration of a person!! What a life!

Yahushua's Cleansing Reign

This was sent to me by John Baptist from Tribulation-Now . This is an awesome letter please take the time to read the miracles that prayer can do if you persist and petition God to USE your prayers and as John puts it “water our seeds!”


Personal experiences in the availing and prevailing’ intercessory ministry of Sister E. J. Dabney, as related in an interview and through letters to Sarah Foulkes Moore.

My first acquaintance with Sister Dabney was gained through letters which she sent to a friend from Norfolk, Va., describing the prayer revival which the Lord gave her in that southern city. These letters so stirred me that I made carbon copies of them and mailed them out to prayer group leaders in Los Angeles. AH who read the letters were given a new vision of what it really means to “pray through.” Later, Sister Dabney came to…

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