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Do our pets go to Heaven? A dream..

Anyone who knows me knows I am crazy about animals! For many years I have studied on finding the pet lovers’ answer to “will I see my pet in Heaven with me? I have prayed countless times asking God for an answer. On this day, I think He kindly gave it to me.

There’s this wonderful doggie I watched a video of one day in 2012 on Godvine – it was very sad and it made me cry my eyes out at my desk at work. Ol’ Boy was a dog in America that lived on the streets his entire life with no one to love him. Animal rescuers fetched him when he was lying down howling in pain for 3 days from disease and tick bite fever. In his last few days on earth they took him home with them and gave him love. He passed away at least knowing the loving touch of a human hand and a blanket.

Then I had this awesome dream of Ol’ Boy the night after. I was on the front lawn of someone’s house in America. I could see it was America by the type of house.
I first saw Ol’ Boy in the sky with his name written beneath him. Then suddenly he was on the lawn next to me looking very healthy and in good condition.
This little boy (about 12 years old) then came out of the house, who I expected was the owner and was neglectful of him. I never saw his face at first, but I could see he had dark brown, thick, shiny, wavy hair. He walked up to Ol’ Boy and I was relieved  to see him lovingly cradle him and play with him while crouched down on the grass with him.

Then the little boy looked up at me and his face shone with beauty- he had amazing crystal blue eyes that actually looked like precious gems, pure white teeth and red lips and he broke out into a huge stunning smile toward me. The smile radiated and his face was much more beautiful than I have ever seen on earth. It was almost not real, it was like his beauty was exaggerated.
The way he looked at me with that smile, I felt in the dream, was to reassure me that Ol’ Boy is ok with him and they’re happy. Then the dream ended.

I loved this dream. It has given me hope that my pets are in Heaven. A hope I have had my entire life and one that I ask Jesus about all the time. I am hoping that the dream was from God, and the little boy was an angel.