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Electricity can’t match the power of our Living God!


I love to hear of testimonies that show how powerful and great our God is!
I have been blessed to grow up in a family that is saved and given their lives to Christ, which enabled me to be saved from a very early age. Everyone on my mother’s side of the family is saved, so to get to fellowship together and tell of the latest and greatest that God has accomplished in our lives is one of my favourite treats!

I would like to share a testimony with you from my cousin, Kylah, which definitely demonstrates the power our God has, and the authority available to us in Jesus name!

One morning after church, my cousin’s husband Antonie, received a phone call from one of the staff members that works with them. She was hysterical and asking them to please come over as her husband was trying to commit suicide.

On their way to the house, my cousin prayed for her husband and herself, asking the Lord to send His angels before them for protection (Psalm 91). They took up the armor of God (Ephesians 6), and prayed for boldness, and that the Holy Spirit would lead them in this trying situation. 

When they arrived at the house, the little 5 year old girl came running towards my cousin– screaming and crying, telling her that she loves her daddy, but that he was busy killing himself! Kylah just took her in her arms, and told her that everything was going to be okay and that the Lord Jesus was going to help them.
Kylah’s heart went out to the little girl, but 
asked her to take them to her father. She led them to the back of the house and there they found him- he had tied himself with electric wires to a transformer box, and only had to switch on the switch in the box and he would be electrocuted!

His wife was standing next to him, pleading with him to untie himself, pleading with him to think of the children.
Their little two year old boy ran up to his dad and started pulling on his leg and saying, “Come daddy, come!” 

As Kylah stood there she could almost not believe what was happening before her eyes. She recounted how she really felt like David who had been faced with this giant Goliath!

Kylah stood back for a while, whispered a prayer and asked God to lead her.

Kylah asked his wife to take the kids and go inside. She then walked up to the husband, put her arm on the box and her other hand on his shoulder. At first Antonie wanted to stop her from touching him or the box in fear that she would get shocked herself; but she wasn’t scared. She said that she did not come with worldly ways, but with the power of God! 

She prayed and spoke to him for about 30-45 minutes – but she said that the way Holy Spirit was leading her in her prayers and her chats with him was just amazing!

He then told Kylah to call his wife. She went back down to go and get his wife. When they  came back up, the wife went and stood closer to him and Kylah and her husband stood back. 

His wife started pleading and crying again, and he just did not want to budge. Kylah’s husband started talking to him and she praised the Holy Spirit for leading him and giving him words of wisdom. 

At that stage, Kylah just knelt down and just kept on saying, “I command that electricity not to flow in the Name of Jesus!” 

He went ahead and put on the switch 3 times!!
But our faithful God intervened with His own hand of power and not an ounce of electricity flowed! After the 3rd attempt to electrocute himself, he just stood back, looked up at Kylah and Antonie, ripped the wires off his wrists and fell to his knees in tears!


 And afterwards they did switch it on and there was electricity flowing!!

Antonie was with him for a while praying for him, and Kylah went back to the house and comforted his wife and children. 

The police then arrived and Kylah went out to meet them – they advised her that the negotiator was on his way, but she told them, “you can tell your negotiator to turn around and go home, JESUS NEGOTIATED FOR US TODAY!!”

Be blessed, Readers, be bold, we serve a MIGHTY GOD!!!!