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Curses – legal ground and how to break them

Curses seem to be more covert in other parts of the world. I could be wrong but they seem to be more of a secret in their plan and execution. Yet, here in Africa, Satan’s agents are rather open about it like it’s nothing. It is part of their daily conversation as if talking about the sky being blue. It’s almost as if a few witches sit around drinking tea, while one of them pipe up, “So anyway, I cursed Anne today.” Being so open about it does have its advantages though, because this way we are quicker to fight back.

My mother received a text message on Saturday from an unknown person who told her he has gone to a Sangoma (Zulu word for witchdoctor) to curse and control her family. See- open! It just so happens that everything has been going wrong in my dad’s business recently – employees are making fatal mistakes and jobs are not getting done like they should. My dad commented that it feels as if “someone is trying to torment him.” Ever felt like that? That’s the symptom of a curse. Torment, confusion about what is happening and destruction. My mom suspects it is one of the new employees who have received two written warnings for consistent late coming. That’s Africa for you.
The purpose of any curse is to destroy, harm or bring ruin and even death to a person. Curses are not only sent to Christians, but to the unsaved too.
A curse is the purpose, the actual thing someone wants done to a person, while the demon is the sending mechanism.
Now not everything that goes wrong is a curse. We live in a fallen world, and trials and temptations will come to purify, grow and strengthen us. But trials and temptations are not meant to stay forever – curses do, until they’re broken. Also, when things go beyond the realm of coincidences, you should seek the Lord’s guidance on whether it is a curse, or just life.

You can receive curses from two reasons.
1. you have given Satan the legal ground to attack and curse you, through sin.
2. you are cursed through no fault or sin of your own. So, you have not given him legal ground to attack, but he does, usually by his agents.

I will go into more detail of what constitutes legal ground with each post. Basically it is sin. God is a very merciful God, yet just. He is just with us, but He is also just with Satan’s kingdom. It is in no way giving glory to Satan, but rules are rules, and God plays by them, and Heaven is run very much on a legal system. Christians fall into the trap very easily of assuming that we are protected no matter what we do. It is not so, and Satan feeds on that lie! We are responsible for our actions, and we cannot just walk around doing whatever we please.

Let me highlight an example, before going into the how to’s of breaking a curse.

I know this woman who has three spirit guides. I went to school with her and have known her since I was 11. I’m sure I will post more about her in the future – we are not friends but her spirit guides detest me for speaking to her about Jesus and have attacked me more than once! She told us this story and is rather proud of it, mind you. Many years ago she had a fight with her boyfriend. She became irate and said to him as he was leaving her house that she was going to put a curse on him to have a major car accident. She did. Ten minutes down the road, he had a major car accident. That is no coincidence – she literally performed a curse and the demons associated with the curse brought it to pass.
Don’t assume that there always has to be an intricate incantation performed with candles and other gross looking satanic paraphernalia in order for a curse to work. That does take place, but curses can come out of words!

If you were the person getting into that car, this is how you would have broken the curse after she spoke those words over you:

“I break that curse placed on me in the name of Jesus Christ! I command all demons associated with that curse to leave me and my car at once in Jesus’ name!”
That’s it. Jesus was not kidding when He said His yoke is light. It really is! There is no ceremony to perform or fancy words to say– it really is as simple as that! Praise God!

Lets’ say you actually gave Satan the legal ground (you sinned) to attack or curse you. This is how you would break it:

“Father, I confess that ______ as sin and repent of it. Forgive me for _____. I now break that curse placed on me in the name of Jesus Christ! I command all demons associated with that curse to leave me at once in Jesus’ name!”

You must take as faith that the curse is broken – anything more you try to do than that will be of your own efforts.You cannot break it yourself – it must be done in Jesus’ name. Jesus said He gave us his authority in Luke 10:19. He’s saying “Here – it’s My authority to trample over evil. Take it and use it!”

But what if you cannot remember what you did that possibly brought on the curse? Maybe it was so long ago? Ask God! He will tell you! He’s not sitting on his throne saying, “Haha! Take a guess!” He is a God that liberates and sets His people free! He wants those chains off of His people! The Holy Spirit once woke me up at 3am to make me write down a long lost sin I had forgotten about so that I did not forget about it in the morning when I woke up. Heaven loves 3am I’ve noticed.

As I write more posts about different types of curses, you can keep in remembrance how to break them, should you identify somewhere that you have a curse placed on you.
I pray that the God of comfort leads you into all truth these next few weeks.