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Allow God to be your Recruitment Consultant!

My first HR job was extremely trying. I enjoyed the work and my boss was fantastic, but the company had no respect for the position and the writing was on the wall that the department was trying to be worked out. By one man. One new General Manager who spewed poison out so badly that it influenced others around him. It was a very trying time that would often leave me in tears. I was being groomed to take over from my HR Manager when she soon retired but that prospect no longer interested me, so much so was the torture. I would start my day with half an hour of prayer alone in my office or else I would face a day with no blessing or strength. Yes, it was that bad.

I prayed and fasted often for a new job as lifting my head off the pillow in the morning was very difficult. I prayed consistently for the Lord to change my attitude to still love my job. I would profess blessings over my job constantly and offer all I had for the day to the Lord. This helped tremendously and the Lord was very faithful to me in this area.
However, no job came and the torment against HR was increasing. I have always been blessed to quickly get shortlisted for jobs, but after months of trying there was nothing. My friend in Christ one day suggested that perhaps it was the Lord’s will for me to stay there. I got nauseous at the thought but trusted in God that He knows best.

My prayer attitude then changed. I have learned a very hard lesson before that to not ask for God’s will in an area leads you to mountains of trouble. A good whipping indeed. I did not want, out of fleshly desperation, to grab the first job that seemed good to me. I knew that the Lord did have something in mind for me and I wanted Him to choose the job for me, and not me choosing it for myself.  I fasted in the beginning of 2012 for 14 days for a new job. I told God specifically that  I wanted to only take a job that He wanted for me, and in order for me to know His will perfectly, I asked that He not allow me to ever get shortlisted for a position I applied for if it was not what He wanted for me. I don’t trust my fleshly decision making! I applied for many jobs and never heard a word. This time I had peace that God was leading the process perfectly.

Eventually in May I was shortlisted for a senior HR position at a top university in South Africa. Even though I was shortlisted I still prayed that if this was not the job God wanted for me, that He would not allow me to be successful in obtaining it.
The interview was horrendously scary – my first panel interview!
But to cut it short, I got the job! This is the best job I have ever had! I have been placed with a magnificent HR Assistant in Christ and that office is blessed because Jesus is glorified every day. He has helped me excel in every area of my job and I thoroughly enjoy every moment. God orchestrated this perfectly – everything about the job fits my personality awesomely!

Times do get tough and they are tougher when we are desperate. It is so difficult to understand that God knows what is best for us. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8). It will always seem as if He is not listening to us, but I encourage you to press on, the end line ribbon is waiting for you to run into it.

Yes, it might take a while but God is there, leading the process. We always want things immediately, this is a world of immediate satisfaction. But He has not left nor forsaken you – your faith is just being tested and He is waiting for that next window to open up for you. The worst thing is to think is that you should just to follow your own path when you are impatient waiting for the Lord’s answer – you will land up in the same frustrating situation, or even worse. If He needs you to wait, wait. It took me a year and a half to find the perfect job, and God was faithful right to the end because I literally placed it all in to His hands. We may think we know what we want, but God will always know better. He will bless you with your perfect fit.

Be encouraged, Reader, He has your best interests at heart.