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A flutter of excitement – a sweet edification

This is really one of the sweetest stories I have ever heard concerning the gift and I will never forget it. My sister’s friend is really blessed and I would love to be able to edify God’s people in this way. This story really highlights for me the very sweetness of God.

Liz was in corporate worship one Sunday morning, and she saw an open vision of the girl next to her. Firstly, it was clear that the Holy Spirit was moving on her, as she seemed to shimmer as when the light reflects on the water. That is one of the ways Liz knows that the Lord is highlighting someone to her!

She then saw wings appearing on her feet attached at the ankle. The wings were pure white almost reminding her of an angel’s wings. Powerful and strong.

She began to ask the Lord for the interpretation to the vision.She felt that He was saying the following: that the girl’s ministry was in dance and that when she danced strongholds would be broken, new ground would be taken and lives would be restored, she would be a messenger for the Lord and that through her dancing people would hear/see Him.

Liz admittedly feels that telling people about what you have seen is always rather daunting. But the Holy Spirit prompted her and the end result was that the girl was bowled over because she had been praying for direction for her life and asking God what direction she should take in terms of studies. And the word Liz had given her confirmed that she should peruse dance therapy as her specialisation in Psychology!

This story is so heartwarming for me. God could have whispered the answer into her heart but instead He chose such a sweet way to show her. Appealing to the creativity of a dancer, He chose a way so lovely and meaningful to her. How full of wonder is our Creator? Isn’t He lovely? Not only does He answer our prayers, but He goes out of His way to make the answer more meaningful to us. The Creator of Heaven and Earth meets with us in very special ways.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, who reigns forever on His throne, but cares so much to come down to us and make our moments special.

Fasting and prayer brings healing to toddler

There was an 18 month old baby in Johannesburg, South Africa in April 2010 that was beaten up to the point of unconsciousness when their home was broken into. She was home alone with the nanny and 3 men beat both her and the nanny up.

From the onset this story struck me hard and to this day I believe the Holy Spirit had nudged me to get involved to pray and fast for this child.

I was truly devastated by this story. I cried for hours and I just could not wrap my mind around the horror of it. I prayed hard for her, and often. Many times the Lord would wake me up at midnight or 2am and tell me to pray for her and her parents. He would tell me to pray at work, in the traffic, while cooking, etc. I also encouraged my Bible study group to pray for her daily. I would know when my prayer session would be over because a feeling of peace would come over me.

One night God sent me a dream.  I was in a church and a lady dressed in white (I couldn’t see her face) asked me to sing. I started singing and these angels appeared all around the church, large, and dressed in pure white. They produced the most divine music I have ever heard, nothing like you hear on earth! I can’t describe it but it was so angelic.

My spirit could sense that the music was glorifying God for something He had done. When I woke up, I just KNEW it was for this baby! The next day I heard that she was taken off the ventilator and improving! Praise Jesus!

After that she was improving tremendously but my prayers never stopped.

However, a few weeks later, it was let known to the country on the news that this child was blind from the attack! Again – devastation! I burst out crying at my desk at work. But I had this supernatural faith the Holy Spirit had placed in me that she was going to be fine. He urged me to fast for her.

I had then called a fast with every saved Christian I knew and urged them to get their churches involved. By the time the fast started on the first day, I had calculated that between 400-500 people were joining me in this fast for her eyesight to return! The fast was for 3 days.

One morning during the fast I woke up and the Lord gave me a vision – I saw a man from the side sitting against a wall. I looked at his eyes and they were white, that white that covers a blind person’s eyes and I heard this voice that said “Watch – these are [baby] X’s (name can’t be mentioned) eyes.” And this man blinked and as his eyes opened again they were this awful, dark, evil black and their shape was that of a reptile’s! I immediately discerned that her blindness was due to the attack – which was an attack of hate. 1 John 3:15 says “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer”. God equates hatred with murder and all attacks of hatred have demons involved – this was a demonic affliction! That is then what the fast focused on – ridding the demons from her eyes that were causing demonic blindness.

About a month after the fast we heard news from their doctor that this child was regaining her eyesight!!
Today, she has her eyesight restored completely!

Again, Jesus was victorious and I was so honoured that He chose me to see this through! the one thing that stood out for me during this trial was that you have to be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s nudging. Yes, even to pray at 3 in the morning! If you ignore it, it can result in dire consequences.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!