The sound of God’s voice…to Jordan anyway

One night I was sitting reading a Bible story to Jordan. It was the story of when God called out to Samuel.
When reaching that part, I tried putting on my best “God voice” (not easy for a female!) and said, “Samuel!” And she clasped her hands together excitedly and gasped.
And I read again, “Samuel!” And she gasped with eyes wide open and said with wonder, “Wow Mommy! God has such a beautiful voice!” 😀

4 thoughts on “The sound of God’s voice…to Jordan anyway

  1. amphomma

    He does! My three year old daughter asked me this morning what God looks like…I told her the Bible says much more about what He acts like…and that when we get to heaven, things will be beyond what we could imagine. We happened to hear “I Can Only Imagine” right after this conversation, too! I love seeing glimpses of heaven and true awe through our children! Blessings!

    1. kingintraining Post author

      It definitely is true awe! I enjoy seeing her faith grow through little things like that. I had to laugh because I was thinking how I hoped my husband couldn’t hear my poor impersonation as I must have sounded so silly but she got so excited. Their faith is so sweet


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